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'Too Many Poets' : Manchester 2001

Index of the 114 entries : alphabetical

A Moment in Time
[Farther Tyme]

A Warty Hog
[Hamish McBoreal]

A Whalers Lament
[Davy Jones]

(A) Power Too Far
[Hello Rider]

Aero plane
[John Barleycorn]

[Basil Eunathco]

[P Nutbutter]

Another Strange Dream in Brooklyn
[Bob Zimmerframe]

As Rich As the Pearl
[Shady O'Pale]

Ballad of a Gherkin Soul
[Rachel Victoria Dreamer]

Ballad of the Horrible Old
[Betty Joan Crawford]

Be Here Tomorrow

Bedtime story
[Xi Quicksan]

Bootleg Train
[Hermanns Mentor]

Bourrelet Bye Bye
[Sharkangel Gabriel]

(Bringing Back the) Coat of Arms
[Magnus Bistort]

[U. M. Brella]

Cast like Clay
[The Ceramicx]

Christmas Camelgirl in the Sand
[Cinnamon Churl]


Corridor of Endless Sorrow
[Chee Z Comestible]

Corsican Blue Moon
[Diabolo Leak-Soop]

Cream of the Crop
[Eve Ryman]

Crimson and Abstract Blue

Darkest Before the Dawn
[Ramblin' Ron]

Destinations of the Heart

Distance Run
[The Image]

Doormen in Shrines
[Duchess of Lent]

Drastic Annie's Weep Hole
[Lucifer Hessayon]

Echoes in the Ebony

Edge of the Pit
[Pleiades Plummy]

Enough Today
[Turner Cartwheel]

Eternal Return
[Fred the Knitter]

Fiery Moon and August Chair
[The Bosun's Sister]

Four Fingers
[Hallux Hander]

Fractured Phrases

Fresh Food
[Kitty Kitchen]

Ghost Readers in the Sky
[ISBN Number One]

Ghosts Along the Way
[The Ghost]

Gogol's Feast
[Saul T Dogg]

Golden Shares
[Private Isiah Stasion]

Grunt Finale
[Ed Monton]

Half Mottled
[Artie Choke]

Hey Surfer Dude
[Hernando Cortez]

High Speed Pursuit
[Mohammed Poor]

Highway to Nowhere
[Georgia George]

Horse Gang Blues
[O'Bryan Stewart]

(I Know) Your Head is the Driver of My Heart
[The Micky Strawfridge Appreciation Society]

[Captain Clackgood]

It All Came Undone

It Stands to Reason
[Dora Mousehole]

Johnson's Corner

Just a Dream
[The Dreamer]

Justice by Numbers
[Wylon Storey]

Learn To Fry
[Leonard Oswestry William Brow]

Less than Meets the Eye
[The Liquid Beau]

Like Hell it was Me
[Wreath Keyed]

Likewise Passé
[Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy & Sneezy]

Makes me Wonder

Maniacal Laughter
[Bright Lee]

Men Only
[Mme R. Monde]

Moral Lightning
[Edith Grommitt]

Mr Bartholomew’s Dream
[Charles David]

Mrs Good For You
[Sam 'Haha' Spoodle]

National Anthem
[Reith Keid]

Not Really
[Webb Syte]

Nothing But 100 Proof

Number 9, Number 9
[John Juicy Pink]

Ode to the Guildford Faux Piano
[Phil Moore]

Old Mold
[Cornelius Throgmorton De Olefactory 5th]

Paler Band of Fools
[Faux King About]

Perfectly Drowned
[Romulus Remus]

[Neil Reid]

Rainbow Sewer
[Andrea Loud-Warehouse & Tabitha Rice Paper]

Rumination Blues
[Pasta Popeil IV {aka Ron-Co}]

She Wandered Through The Internet
[Macrobiotic Nostrum]

So Close to Him
[Dino Charles]

Sombre Ego
[Ten-Puss Fugitive]

(Sour Failure) in the Vortex of Entropy
(Dr Who)

Suspended Sentence
[Andromeda Sago]

Tainted Trout
[Regal Z]

Taken Away
[Joseph Craig]

Taking out the Garbage
[The Punisher]

The Chalice
[Cliff West]

The Cruel Tree
[Haplesc Fhoole]

The Forecast Is Cloudy
[Strong S Samson]

The Heavy Rock AWSoP
[Rock Bottom]

The Life I Know
[Chuck S]

The Sad Ascent

The Timeless Sea

The Tomato Plant I Fancy
[Clarence Birdseye]

The Worm and the Hook
[Phish R Mann]

The Writing on the Wall
[Thick and Thin]

Thin Slice of the Cheese
[Antoine de la Fromage Duboise: Emperor of Lutania]

To Cut Away the Years
[The Cut]

Tomorrow's Tombstones

Tonic For The Troops
[Thin Paul's Sister, Sue Veneer from London]

Too Hot to Work
[Alf Williams]

Toujours DeJour
[Bacon Bit]

Treasonable Doubt
[Randollph Y Samosa]

Trick or Treat
[Snoldy Plunkett]

'Twas Lunch Time at the Office
[Andy Grotel]

Two Sides to Every Coin
[Alan Terego]

Uncle Tanoose's Moose Blooze
[Ex Acer Bates]

Velvet Cuffs
[Lady Archimedes Marmalade]

Wanderers in the Dark
[Mel Drum]

Warm Milk for Cold
[Wu Wingtip]

What, How, Why, Maybe
[Enigma Riposte]

What's in a Name
[The Celt]

When the Velvet Crashes
[The Beat]

Where the Peaches Slice

Whiter Shades
[Dion Charles]

Without a Snout
[Porky Pork Pork]

You Still Taste the Poop
[The Dogshit Twins]


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