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'Too Many Poets'

The Worm and the Hook (Phish R Mann)



Key to authors' pseudonyms

Part One: Baiting * Casting * Waiting
Part Two: Hooking * Playing * Landing
Part Three: Boasting and Lying * Epilogue

On to a small hook a great worm did go
The angler then cast it deep into the "Mo" (1)
The worm was unhappy, but what could it do
It bobbed there in silence, the fish smelled the food
The worm was unhappy, but what could it say
The hook kept on piercing, the worm squirmed all day

The worm was so juicy, it beckoned the fish
And each one in turn took a peck at that "dish"
At last a great catfish that scavenged the brush
Was desp'rate and starving, it swallowed that mush
And finally the angler felt fish line go firm
The Pisces was running with hook, line, and worm

("This fish was so monstrous, its size knew no bounds
It weighed nary an ounce, it weighed fifty pounds!",
The angler said later, imbibing his rounds --
His stories were legends designed to astound)
He awoke from a trance that could paralyze
The angler moved quickly to capture this prize

Now down near the river, game wardens went strolling
They passed by the angler and saw he was trolling
They checked his license, to see he was legal
The angler was anxious, his eyes like an eagle's
He whipped out the card with fishing permission
And straight'way they saw this man had a mission

The man set the hook and reeled in the line
The fish started fighting, there was not much time
It splished and it splashed and it fought for its life
Trapped on that hook as though stuck with a knife
The worm spat asunder a vile looking gook
Containing small bits of the worm and the hook

The river seemed quiet and peaceful at last
Like after a wake, when the speedboat has passed
The angler had set out for diner and pub
To drink of their liquor and eat of their grub
He spun them a tale that made their hearts flutter
Of fresh fish fillets in hot sizzling butter

Now months may have passed since that man went away
But if truth were to have it, the fish won the fray
Although many anglers have hooked it and reeled
They knew that that fish would not be their next meal
The worm can be gulped yet the fish be not caught
For from the mouth of the catfish the hook can be coughed

(1) Arcane reference to the Missouri River.

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