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'Too Many Poets' : Manchester 2001

The Pseudonyms : writers revealed

Here is the key to the pseudonyms used by participants in our 'Too Many Poets' feature: a gold star indicates that the lyric was mentioned in despatches, when adjudicator Chris Copping FAXed his verdict to the Palers' Convention (see here and here)


Anthony Davis

A Warty Hog (Hamish McBoreal)



Bert Saraco

Two Sides to Every Coin (Alan Terego)



Nothing But 100 Proof (BarnyardBoy)



Beverly Peyton

Four Fingers (Hallux Hander)



Cast like Clay (The Ceramicx)



Half Mottled (Artie Choke)



Likewise Passé (Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy & Sneezy)



Edge of the Pit (Pleiades Plummy)



What, How, Why, Maybe (Enigma Riposte)



Fresh Food (Kitty Kitchen)



Mrs Good For You (Sam 'Haha' Spoodle)



Carrie and John Maun

The Writing on the Wall (Thick and Thin)



Charles Scott

Wanderers in the Dark (Mel Drum)



Mr Bartholomew’s Dream (Charles David)



So Close to Him (Dino Charles)



Johnson's Corner (Chang)



Makes me Wonder (Tocks)



Whiter Shades (Dion Charles)



The Life I Know (Chuck S)



The Chalice (Cliff West)



Angel (P Nutbutter)



Another Strange Dream in Brooklyn (Bob Zimmerframe)



Charlie Allison

Grunt Finale (Ed Monton)



Unsteady Freddie

Issues (Captain Clackgood)



Maniacal Laughter (Bright Lee)



Not Really (Webb Syte)



The Forecast Is Cloudy (Strong S Samson)



High Speed Pursuit (Mohammed Poor)



Number 9, Number 9 (John Juicy Pink)



Tainted Trout (Regal Z)



Enough Today (Turner Cartwheel)



Greg Panfile

Like Hell it was Me (Wreath Keyed)



Alamo (Basil Eunathco)



Ian Chippett

National Anthem (Reith Keid)



Men Only (Mme R. Monde)



James Donovan

The Tomato Plant I Fancy (Clarence Birdseye)



Jeremy Gilien

It Stands to Reason (Dora Mousehole)



Jim Krapf

Bedtime story (Xi Quicksan)



Warm Milk for Cold (Wu Wingtip)



John Annable

The Timeless Sea (Elbanna)



'Twas Lunch Time at the Office (Andy Grotel)



John Lock

The Heavy Rock AWSoP (Rock Bottom)



Kerry Holloway

A Moment in Time (Farther Tyme)



A Whalers Lament (Davy Jones)



It All Came Undone (Tommy)



Larry Pennisi

Corridor of Endless Sorrow (Chee Z Comestible)



Toujours DeJour (Bacon Bit)



Ballad of the Horrible Old (Betty Joan Crawford)



Uncle Tanoose's Moose Blooze (Ex Acer Bates)



Old Mold (Cornelius Throgmorton De Olefactory 5th)



Thin Slice of the Cheese (Antoine de la Fromage Duboise: Emperor of Lutania)



Rumination Blues (Pasta Popeil IV (aka Ron-Co))



Mike Chaudhuri

Aero plane (John Barleycorn)



Taking out the Garbage (The Punisher)



Mike Lee

Highway to Nowhere (Georgia George)



Nancy Zohner

(Sour Failure) in the Vortex of Entropy (Dr Who)



Pat Keating

Brolly (U. M. Brella)



The Worm and the Hook (Phish R Mann)



Hey Surfer Dude (Hernando Cortez)



You Still Taste the Poop (The Dogshit Twins)



Bootleg Train (Hermanns Mentor)



Richard Solly

As Rich As the Pearl (Shady O'Pale)



Justice by Numbers (Wylon Storey)



Darkest Before the Dawn (Ramblin' Ron)



Gogol's Feast (Saul T Dogg)



Tonic For The Troops (Thin Paul's Sister, Sue Veneer from London)



Rob Barnes

Without a Snout (Porky Pork Pork)



Roland Clare

Collide-escape (Greensleeves)



Suspended Sentence (Andromeda Sago)



Cream of the Crop (Eve Ryman)



Horse Gang Blues (O'Bryan Stewart)



Ross Taylor

Trick or Treat (Snoldy Plunkett)



The Cruel Tree (Haplesc Fhoole)



She Wandered Through The Internet (Macrobiotic Nostrum)



The Sad Ascent (6)



Christmas Camelgirl in the Sand (Cinnamon Churl)



Perfectly Drowned (Romulus Remus)



Sam Cameron

Less than Meets the Eye (The Liquid Beau)



Ballad of a Gherkin Soul (Rachel Victoria Dreamer)



(I Know) Your Head is the Driver of My Heart
(The Micky Strawfridge Appreciation Society)



Eternal Return (Fred the Knitter)



Learn To Fry (Leonard Oswestry William Brow)



Rainbow Sewer
(Andrea Loud-Warehouse & Tabitha Rice Paper)



Golden Shares (Private Isiah Stasion)



 Treasonable Doubt (Randollph Y Samosa)



Drastic Annie's Weep Hole (Lucifer Hessayon)



(Bringing Back the) Coat of Arms (Magnus Bistort)



Moral Lightning (Edith Grommitt)



Velvet Cuffs (Lady Archimedes Marmalade)



Corsican Blue Moon (Diabolo Leak-Soop)



Doormen in Shrines (Duchess of Lent)



Bourrelet Bye Bye (Sharkangel Gabriel)



Sombre Ego (Ten-Puss Fugitive)



(A) Power Too Far (Hello Rider)



Ghost Readers in the Sky (ISBN Number One)



Fiery Moon and August Chair (The Bosun's Sister)



Paler Band of Fools (Faux King About)



Snake Robertson

Powderfinger (Neil Reid)



Stan Pearson

 Distance Run (The Image)



Be Here Tomorrow (Silk)



Crimson and Abstract Blue (Shade)



Destinations of the Heart (Stone)



Echoes in the Ebony (Daunton)



Ghosts Along the Way (The Ghost)



When the Velvet Crashes (The Beat)



Fractured Phrases (Chico)



Just a Dream (The Dreamer)



To Cut Away the Years (The Cut)



Tomorrow's Tombstones (Arc)



What's in a Name (The Celt)



Where the Peaches Slice (Tattoo)



Tony Sadowski

Ode to the Guildford Faux Piano (Phil Moore)



W George Lovell

Too Hot to Work (Alf Williams)



Taken Away (Joseph Craig)


Manchester Palers' Convention 2001

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