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Barrie James Wilson

Tuesday 18 March 1947 Monday 8 October 1990

' ... BJ was the true heart of Procol Harum ... BJ's drumming was almost literary following and emphasising the narrative with far more power and passion than any mere beat structure. 

... In the usual descriptions of Procol Harum's style, "grandeur" is a typical adjective. BJ created that grandeur with stunning punctuations, great open spaces, surprising reversals of rhythm 

... BJ Wilson made the drums express both the unpredictability and inevitability of fate. He was awesome, and he will be missed.' 

Stephen Braitman, letter to the Editor, Goldmine Magazine, 31 May 1991

Born: North Middlesex Hospital, Silver Street, Edmonton, North London;
rests in peace at the Oaklawn Cemetery in Corvallis, Oregon, USA Block 9, Section 59, Plot 6; obituary notice here

Prime instrument: Drums : also mandolin now and then ... also alto sax (c. 1970 ... no known recordings!). Last gig with Procol was 18 October 1977.
Read about BJ's drum kits; bid for memorabilia from his instrumental arsenal

Recorded works outside Procol Harum; Live on CD with Joe Cocker (review here)
Tunes Music Network on BJ Wilson

'Browsing through YouTube recently ... I've found a couple of clips with Barrie: Joe Cocker - a live concert version of AWSoP and Frankie Miller - live concert singing Goodnight Sweetheart . Not the finest recordings you'll ever see, but poignant memories nonetheless'. (thanks, Sheila)

BJ Wilson playing BBC Sight and Sound in Concert, 1978