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Matthew Charles Fisher

7 March 1946, Addiscombe, Croydon, Surrey, England

photo by Christina Hermansson

photo taken and submitted by Carol Bellantoni

Matthew at the B3 during the
concert at Redhill 1997

Matthew in Cannes, 2000: click to see the other person in the picture (ooh-la-la!)

Prime instrument : Hammond organ: also piano, vocal, guitar, bass, harmonica ...

A Whiter Shade of Pale / Lime Street Blues (45 RPM)

Procol Harum

Shine on Brightly

A Salty Dog

The Prodigal Stranger

One More Time

The Well's on Fire

Fisher solo albums and words thereto

Other work
Matt and the Deputies (1963), The Society Five (picture here), David Bowie (reviews here), David Lanz, National Anthem, David ('Screaming Lord') Sutch, more on Sutch, Downliners Sect, Joe Cocker, James McCarty, Tir na Nog, Hurricane, Pretty Things'n'Mates ... the Separation soundtrack ... and producing Robin Trower, Prarie Madness, Roderick Falconer, James Dewar, Route 66, Carlo Little: recording history compiled by Joan May

Fisher leaves Procol Harum, 2004
Fisher wins lawsuit about the authorship of the music of A Whiter Shade of Pale
Matthew Fisher 1997
comprehensively interviewed by Ron Smith for this website
Cover story from 1992 Keyboard Review featuring Matthew Fisher
Addicted to Noise Birthday, PH's Matthew Fisher
Interview Mike Ober talks to Matthew Fisher
Opinions and Speculations Matthew Fisher debate, America On Line
Matthew Fisher as phantom organist, BBC 1967 - picture + quotation from Q, 1992
The organ sound of AWSoP, explicated
Matthew Fisher: the part-timer, from Mojo, 1995
Tunes Music Network on Matthew Fisher
1997: Radio Azzurra Novara's interview with MF, and a subsequent fascinating exchange
MF praised by Gary Brooker, Keith Reid, Benmont Tench, Robin Trower, Bill Lordan and David Lanz (also here and here)
Matthew Fisher's 1994 Gold Disc
Matthew Fisher talks to Marcelo Pereira
Substantial 2001 Fisher interview with, text and sound files
Matthew and Carol marry!
Brief interview with a Fisher aficionado, the band-leader Ed Palermo
Fisher contributions to Gallagher, Marriott, Derringer and Trower
The 'Lost Matthew Fisher album', discussed and unmasked in an amusing series of pages starting here
Matthew writes to 'BtP' about anomalies in the CD version of his first two solo-albums

Uncowled: Matthew Fisher in the 90s. From Mike Ober's collection.

A Fisher nickname
Links to many interviews
Matthew Fisher writes to Melody Maker (twice) in 1973 and to BBC History Magazine in 2001
A substantial axe-grinding review in Raves
A revealing interview in NME, 1973
Intriguing interview, early 90s, provenance unknown

Sessions list: all non-PH and non-Paramounts records (up to 1986) to which Procol Harum members contributed
Tribute to Matthew harvested from Larry Pennisi's former website
Matthew Fisher Page at All Music Guide (that Mose Allison reference is surely in error!)
The Matthew Fisher Band plays New York, July 1998 (not) and MF writes to BBC History Magazine (not)
Some 45 picture sleeves
BBC Radio Two: interview, March 2000
BBC Radio Two: Matthew on the Hammond organ: 'I'd thought that it would be great to have a pop record that used some of the features of a Bach prelude. It is a quotation, but it's not a 100% rip-off ... I pride myself that I did it sufficiently well that you can't hear the joins and that's why people think it's completely Bach."
Pictures of Matthew on the website for US rockstation WDHA
Matthew Fisher in the Greek charts; Fisher singing live in Greece, more singing live
Matthew Fisher playing live in August 2010 (details here, here and here)

Matthew Fisher, BA, Cantab, went to Selhurst Grammar School and the Guildhall School of Music ... before taking his Computer Science degree at Wolfson College, Cambridge University. His witty e-mail signature from those times.


Matthew with the nine-man Procol at Redhill, 1997 

Pictures taken on 3 May 2002, Matthew and Carol Fisher's wedding day.
Carol is a painter: see her illustrations of Procol Harum songs for BtP and her photos of Procol Harum 1977

Matthew Fisher's Homepage, including (December 2005) a downloadable demo of Wachet Auf and (June 2007) a demo of an instrumental piece entitled Salsa Celebration 

More Procol personnel


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