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A Light Went Out in New York : liner-notes

Matthew Fisher and the Downliners Sect (1993)

A brief history ... Downliners Sect

Late 1950's R'n'B Band simply called 'The Downliners', inspired by a Jerry Lee Lewis song Down the Line. Line up: singer Barry Allmark, guitarist [sic] Don Craine & Pete Maggs, drummer Bob Dilley & bassists [sic] Kevin Brewley.

1962 Original group splits due partially to a strong opposing force their grammar school teachers.

1963 Don Craine founds the original Downliners Sect consisting of Keith Grant (from Middlesex's Vigilantes), vocals & bass; Mel, lead guitar (shortly afterwards replaced by Terry Gibson); John Sutton, drums; and Don Craine, vocals, rhythm guitar, maracas, tambourine, and almost unheard of in R'n' B music at the time, the autoharp (predating popular use by The Lovin Spoonful & others).

1964 Include Ray Sone, as mouth organist, and the Sect's debut LP, The Sect. Featuring many Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry covers and originals. [sic]

The Sect Sings Sick Songs EP (banned by the BBC!) and The Country Sect LP (which was honored the original terminology of 'Country Rock' [sic] by the Canadian Record Label which distributed it!)

A unique version of the Coasters Little Egypt topped Swedens [sic] hit parade & was released at the height of the British Invasion in the US.

1966 The Rock Sects In LP features the 1st British version of an early Lou Reed song Why Don't You Smile Now, co-written by Terry Phillips, Jerry Vance & John Cale.

Late 60's shows a disbandment of the Sect. However, Craine & Grant pick up as Don Craine's New Downliners Sect. Pairing with Bob Taylor on guitar, Kevin Flanagan on drums & Matthew Fisher on keyboards (shortly afterwards replaced by Barry Cooper). They release a PYE 45 Can't Get Away From You.

Shortly after this, Don Craine throws in the "Deerstalker" Hat, which Don always wore in concert & had become the official symbol of the Downliners Sect.

1970's after a stint with harmonica man, Paul Tiller (ex-Black Cat Bones), Don Craine, the other half of this duo, Loose Ends, sees a growing public desire for the Downliners Sect to reunite.

1976 The Sect: Craine, Grant, Gibson, Sutton & new member Tiller, once again bring about rave reviews. Thrilling/shocking audiences with The Sects hot R n' B style mixed with an active, often humorous stage persona.

A reissue of The Sect LP flies to #12 on the 'Alternative' chart in Sounds & as a single, Showbiz to #26.

Engagements & recordings pass by ... 1989 to date shows a reformed Sect performing as strong as ever in their already legendary career. The band is Craine, Grant, Tiller, & from another Middlesex group, "The Barrier", Del Dwyer, vocals, lead & acoustic guitars, & Alan Brooks, drummer.

The 1990's announce a Downliners Sect CD *Savage Return, highlighting new & old songs (Matthew Fisher guests smokin' on the piano for 3 songs).

Craine & Grant are also part of the New Super Star Celebration in the form of The British All-Stars *United and *Regression, featuring members of the Pretty Things, Yardbirds, Creation, Nashville Teens, Procol Harum & others...

*These and many other unique recordings are available direct from the Source. Write to:

Brisk Productions,
27 Old Gloucester Street
London, WCIN3XX England.

A brief history of...Matthew Fisher

1966 After rubbing shoulders with the heavies like screaming Lord Sutch & The Downliners Sect, Matthew Fisher would go on to blow away countless minds with his stunning Hammond B-3 [sic] arrangement on Procol Harums [sic] 1967 release A Whiter Shade of Pale.

Matthew's unique blend of classical & R'n'B influences contributed largely to Procols [sic] brightest moments.

After producing, singing & arranging on A Salty Dog, Procols [sic] finest hour, Matthew started production on their 4th album Home. Unfortunately for the Harum, due to various reasons, Matthew left to pursue a long & healthy solo career along with other noteworhty [sic] productions.

Matthew Fisher has worked with some of the biggest Rock-N-Rollers in the business. Such as Eric Clapton, Keith Moon, Richie Blackmore, Joe Cocker, Robin Trower, Jim Dewar, Chris White, Rod Argent, Jerry Lee Lewis and others...[sic]

His solo albums consist of:

Journeys End [sic] 1972 RCA
I'll be There 1974 RCA
Matthew Fisher 1980 A&M
Strange Days 1981 Mercury Holland, Germany
& a 1990's instrumental release *A Salty Dog Returns Brisk Productions.

This new album you hold, Matthew Fisher & The Downliners Sect, is Matthew's 1st album released in the U.S. in 12+ years & The Downliners Sect 1st U.S. released album ever! Sit back & relax, or get up n' dance, 'cause you're in for a unique line up of musicians who know better than anybody how to Rock-N-Roll you!!!

P.S. The Downliners Sect (considered the contemporaries of the Rolling Stones) are planning a new unique album of sect therapy for release in '93. Keep tuned...

Thanks to the Ladies, Eddie from the RITZ, Mike Stax, not forgetting Max The Labrador.

Many thanks to Alan Clayson & Record Collectors for allowing us to use much of the information in context you have just read.

Special Musical Arrangements:

Bad Girls (Looking For Fun): Grant/Craine, Tiller, Dwyer, Brooks
Picadilly Run : Craine/Grant, Dwyer, Tiller, Brooks
A Light Went Out In New York : Tiller/Brooks, Dwyer, Grant, Craine
I'll Keep You Satisfied, World Without Love, I'm In Love, That Means A Lot: Del Dwyer
All other songs arranged by The Downliners Sect

Produced by McKee, Downliners Sect, Ober
Recorded and mixed at RMS Studios, Selhurst England
Engineered by Andy LeVien and Dave Clews.
Digitally Sequenced and Edited at Horizon Studios, New Haven, CT
Anthony Lavorgna and Ronald Poehailos of Artistic Concepts, Hamden, CT for Art Direction and Layout Production.
Daniel T. Hott/Photographer of World Without Love photo.
Special Thanks To: Robert Dunnett of Wimbldon [sic], England for front cover art
Photos supplied by The Downliners Sect & Matthew Fisher

Just released on Compact Disc Travelling Mood performed by Robbie Ross (vocals/guitars) and Del Dwyer (vocals/guitars). Featuring Great whiskey soaked arrangements of traditional blues songs which may be Purchased direct from Endangered Records and for Info concerning "The Sect's" Concert tours contact: ENDANGERED RECORDS, 4 Daniels Farm Road, Suite 104, Trumbull, CT 06611

A Light Went Out In New York
Tiller/Brooks, Dwyer, Grant, Craine (Special Tribute To J. Lennon)
*World Without Love J. Lennon, P. McCartney
Glendora R. Stanley
*That Means A Lot Lennon, McCartney
***Picadilly Run Craine/Grant, Dwyer, Tiller, Brooks
**(Why Don't You) Smile Now L. Reed, T. Phillips,
*Come And Get It P. McCartney
Bad Moon Rising J. Fogerty
Strange Locomotion K. Coyne, D. Clague,
*I'm In Love J. Lennon, P. McCartney
Baby What's Wrong J. Reed
Cadillac Ranch B. Springsteen
*I'll Keep You Satisfied J. Lennon, P. McCartney
*Leave My Kitten Alone T. Turner, W. John, J. McDougal
***Bad Girls (Looking For Fun) Grant/Craine, Tiller, Dwyer, Brooks
*World Without Love (alternate instrumental remix) J .Lennon, P. McCartney

Executive Producer Thomas C. McKee For PIGMY PRODUCTIONS
1993 Endangered Records All rights reserved

*Includes cover of L.Lennon [sic], P.McCartney
**Lou Reed songs either written and/or performed but never officially released by artist. on their labels. [sic]
***Licensed from Promise [sic]Land

Produced by McKee, Downliners Sect, Ober

Matthew Fisher: Hammond B-3, Baby Grand, & Synth
Don Craine: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Keith Grant: Vocals, Bass Guitar
Paul Tiller: Vocals, Harmonicas, Percussion
Del Dwyer: Vocals, Lead & Acoustic Guitars
Alan Brooks: Drums, Percussion

Thanks, Jill, for all this typing

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