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'Beyond the Deep' • Procol Harum fans' weekend in London

Saturday 4 July • Sunday 5 July

First wave of tickets now sold out ... more tickets released 7 March


This weekend for Procol Harum fans centres on two London concerts, the same price, but delightfully different.
Come to one, or the other, or preferably both! They are ticketed separately. Locations are shewn below:

Read about the second wave of 5 July tickets, before booking: they went on sale 7 March

Saturday 4 July Sunday 5 July
Under the sky, on the grass, 'festival' atmosphere : book here for Saturday Indoors, seated and standing, intimate gig : book here for Sunday
Not far from the Thames, the venue is an outdoor, heated swimming pool,
on the edge of the thousand-acre Bushy Park, one of London’s eight
Royal Parks (where June 1944's D-Day Landings were planned):
Hampton Pool, High Street, Hampton, TW12 2ST
On the fringe of trendy Chelsea, the venue is 'Under the Bridge',
a new, purpose-built music venue beneath Chelsea Football Club's
renowned, state-of-the-art stadium at Stamford Bridge
Under the Bridge, Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, London SW6 1HS
The community-run pool complex hosts popular concerts every summer; they
often sell out, and all the surplus from the events goes towards maintaining
the site, which is not far from King Henry VIII's Hampton Court Palace (1515)
Your ticket includes a choice of buffet menus (seated eating); you'll have two (cashless)
paying bars. Expect Procol merch, surprise exhibits, music from The Palers' Band (with
guest vocalist!), great company and fun; and Procol playing 'up close and personal'
The venue is easily-accessible by bus (from Richmond station), both before and after
the show. There's unmetered parking in nearby streets, if you need to drive there
The venue is readily accessible by Tube, and there's ample (paying) parking on site.
It's wheelchair-friendly and equipped to the highest standard
Interesting British band, Caravan, will open, and Procol Harum are
expected to play for 90 minutes. End of the show is planned for 10.35 pm
We'll be able to announce detailed timings in coming days, but it would be
sensible to plan to be 'Under the Bridge' between approx. 3.30 and 11.15 pm
This is the tenth major 'Beyond the Pale' convention for Procol Harum fans in twenty years, but the first planned in collaboration
with Gary Brooker himself.
Click here and listen to Gary's inimitable description of the event (recorded 22 February 2020)

At some of our Conventions we've recommended a 'Basecamp hotel'. This works well where accommodation is limited, or where there's
 a meagre range of worthwhile activities in the locality. London, however, is throbbing with fantastic things to do, and offers hotels
of every kind, for every budget. Accordingly, we're not running a Basecamp hotel this time (but don't worry: there will be
extensive opportunities for fans to socialise in civilised surroundings at Under the Bridge on 5 July). So feel free to choose
your own hotel ... for guidance, getting to the 4 July and 5 July gigs by Tube will involve
using the District Line, so
a hotel on that route, either in the suburbs (where prices are lower) or more centrally (if that's what you'd like)
will probably make good sense. It's Wimbledon fortnight, so there's a lot of pressure on hotels.
So do book early! Hotel-finder for Hampton Pool:
click and scroll down.
There's also a useful Google page for
hotels near Stamford Bridge.

Commonsense terms and conditions
Be sure to pay for your travel and accommodation using a suitable credit-card, and check that your travel insurance is of the required standard.
In the unlikely event of cancellation – due to medical, political, climatic or any other cause outside our control – the promoters (that is
'Hampton Pool Trust' for 4 July and 'Beyond the Pale' for 5 July) will accept no financial liability beyond the refund
of your ticket money. By booking for 'Beyond the Deep' you're signifying that you accept these commonsense
conditions. Please read the Hampton Pool terms and conditions (for 4 July) on their booking page.

Book – separately – for 4 and 5 July
Click the links:
4 July Hampton Pool, 5 July Stamford Bridge

Admission by ticket only: it won't be possible to turn up and pay on the day.
No physical tickets in the post ... just print them at home, and present them on entry.
Hampton Pool will be a large audience, but with a loyal local following it's likely to sell out rapidly.
Under the Bridge is a much more intimate gig, so don't delay: competition for seats at tables will be fierce.
The Procol concerts are identically priced, but your 4 July ticket will seem cheaper: Hampton Pool doesn't include a fab meal.

Palers' Band
We'll call for musicians shortly. But
don't delay: get your tickets now, for 4 and 5 July.
There may well be performance opportunities at both the gigs.
Rehearsals will be out-of-town for affordability's sake:
early details here.

Gary Brooker's spoken introduction to 'Beyond the Deep'

If you want to hear Procol on 4 July and 5 July, you'll need two tickets, bought in separate transactions, from different agencies

Booking links: 4 July outdoors at Hampton Pool • 5 July indoors at Stamford Bridge

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Procol dates in 2020 | Gary Brooker's spoken introduction to 'Beyond the Deep'

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