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'Beyond the Deep' • Procol Harum fans' weekend in London

Information about the second wave of ticket sales for Sunday 5 July 2020

The first wave of tickets for the ‘Beyond the Deep’ Convention + Procol Concert
sold out very rapidly, and we have now put a second wave on sale.

Please read on for details, and make sure you know what you'll be getting.

Would-be customers who were too late for the first-wave tickets may have been told by the booking agency, SeeTickets, that their names have been put on a ‘waiting list’.

This ‘waiting-list’ (which was not agreed with BtP, nor mentioned to us) is not very helpfully named, because there’s nothing to wait for … there won’t be any more tickets of the kind we’ve already sold … they’ve all gone.

Thus ... the 'waiting-list' doesn't secure you a ticket in the second wave, which is a slightly different 'product', as you'll read below.

The second wave of tickets went on sale on Saturday 7 March at 10:00 (London time). Tickets are marked 'Raised Area'

Please be aware that, when this ‘second wave’ is gone, there won’t be any more tickets for the seated meal-plus-Convention-plus-Procol concert..


People who got first-wave tickets will be seated at tables in front of the stage (see diagram below); they’ll eat there, and they can remain at their tables for the evening’s music (The Palers’ Band briefly, then the Procol Harum concert (‘unusual’ material, as promised in
Gary Brooker's YouTube promo speech introducing 'Beyond the Deep')).

People who buy the second-wave tickets – on sale from 10:00 London time on 7 March – will find their tables are on a raised area of ‘Under the Bridge’ a couple of steps higher than the first-wave people, but not directly adjoining the stage (see diagram above). Stewards will guide you to the proper zone, when they read your ticket. Second-wave people will eat at their tables in the raised area, but – following the meal – their tables will be removed.

That’s the key difference ... the raised area tables can't stay put for the whole evening. It's not a big deal.

So these second-wave people can either stand for the evening’s music, or find a bar stool (of which there are good numbers, facing the stage, behind -- and in front of -- a rail … see illustration above). The raised area also offers seating-booths (also shewn in our illustration), though the view from those won’t be so good unless you stand on the banquettes. But in any case, it’s an excellent club, purpose-built for viewing bands … you won’t have much difficulty finding a great spot.

Please note that the venue is largely symmetrical, so the seating-booths, stools etc indicated in the diagram above are more-or-less similarly available on the other side of the room.

To summarise:

  • the first-wave people got the permanent tables a week ago, and there won’t be any more of those available

  • The Saturday 7 March 'second-wave' tickets will seat you at a table on the Raised Area for the afternoon Convention events, and for the meal, but the evening’s music cannot start until staff have cleared those tables away. 


Here’s the link for second-wave tickets, which are marked 'Raised Area':

We do expect these second-wave tickets to sell pretty swiftly, so please don’t delay if you want to be part of this fabtastic ‘Beyond the Deep’ convention.  


Booking links: 4 July outdoors at Hampton Pool5 July indoors at Stamford Bridge

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