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Paramounts Memories

From a former roadie

Aubrey writes to BtP:

I was introduced to the Paramounts by my dear departed sister, Angie, who was in a relationship(!) with Rob Trower at that time, and it was only later that I discovered that Gary and I both worked for Marconi's.

Thanks, Claes, for the graphic

I was an avid follower of the Paramounts and was hooked, lined and sunk (an Old Salty Dog story) by their music ... so much so that when I was asked to become their 'roadie' I jumped at the chance. It wasn't the 'glitz' or the thought of fraternising with the famous that enticed me, it was the fact that I could listen to their music and at the same time help spread the sound of The Paramounts to all parts of the nation.

I was very pro-Paramounts even to the extent of rating the boys higher than the then 'big names' of the time that we toured with ie the Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Stones, The Animals, The Kinks etc. even the Icons of Rock and R&B from across the big pond.

I got into quite a few scrapes with other roadies when doing the tours because I didn't show 'respect' to the so-called stars, to me the Stars were in MY van, and 'hollihocks' to the rest.

I have some magical memories spent as roadie of The Paramounts, many that make me laugh to the point of wetting myself, but also ones that bring a tear to my eye. BJ Wilson is one memory that brings a tear to my eye. Pam may or may not remember me but we met many a time when we picked Barry up from Enfield on our way up north. I like to think I had a close mateship with BJ: if not we certainly had a keen regard for an alcohol beverage which we indulged in with a passion.

I still live in Essex and from time to time go to Southend; I like to take a stroll down the promenade past the 'Shades' and stand outside listening to the wonderful sounds of The Paramounts, then I wake up put my memories away and return to reality. maybe one day we all might be able to listen to those great sounds again-- Gary on Keys/Vocal, Rob on Lead/Vocal, Diz on Bass/Vocal but sadly no BJ - for real, maybe, one day ... (are you listening, Gary Brooker ? The Southend Pavilion still have shows).

Softly, softly I skip by,


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