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Robin Leonard Trower

9 March 1945, Catford, London SE.6 

Procol Harum albums

Procol Harum
Shine on Brightly
A Salty Dog
Broken Barricades
The Prodigal Stranger
The Long Goodbye

Paramounts (original!)
DVD: I'm Coming Home:
2005: click here to order

Photo: Robin Trower in 1967, before Procol Harum's
début departure to the USA. In 2010 Frans Steensma
showed the picture to Robin: "His reaction:
'But this is from Procol days!' he said. When I told
him he was 22 at the time, he laughed and quipped,
'I haven't changed a bit, have I?'"


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Trower on stage on the eve of his sixtieth birthday
, and in April 2006
Trower on stage in June 2009, and at 4th and B in San Diego
Terrific Trower concert from the Ides of March 1975

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guitar links

Links to some interviews:
Trower in Guitar One, March 2001
1993 Guitar magazine: substantial interview
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April 1987 interview in Guitar World ... interesting, but very inaccurate in places
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Trower tour 2008
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Visit Funky Paul's website to see his artwork for several Robin Tower albums
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A nice estimation of Trower in The Lefsetz Letter

Robert Fripp on Robin Trower (at the time of the Red album, 1974):

'He's a little hairier and a little closer to rock than I like to operate but we have found a rapport," he said. "A lot of rockers I find aggressive and uptight but Robin has spirit, from the heart, and a measure of control. The rock & roll business is constructed on wholly false values, impermanent and mainly pernicious, though not in an obvious way, so it is fine to find a musician not really affected by it.

Trower studio albums:


Twice Removed from Yesterday (prod. Matthew Fisher)


Bridge of Sighs (prod. Matthew Fisher)


For Earth Below (prod. Matthew Fisher)


Long Misty Days


In City Dreams


Caravan to Midnight


Victims of the Fury


Back It Up




Take What You Need


In the Line of Fire


20th Century Blues


Someday Blues


Go My Way


Living Out of Time


Another Days Blues


What Lies Beneath


The Playful Heart


Roots and Branches


Something's About To Change


Where You Are Going To?


Time and Emotion


This portrait (above) was taken at the Robin Trower Band's Chicago Auditorium
gig in 1974 by Jim Summaria, who at that time was the photographer for a Chicago
concert promoter: 
visit his website; more of his work at BtP here

First Chrysalis promo photo for the Robin Trower Band (March 1973). 'Sadly both Jimmy Dewar and Reg Isidore
aren't among us anymore,' adds Frans Steensma, who kindly sent the photo.

First single from Robin Trower (April 1973). A rare Dutch picture sleeve, kindly sent by Frans Steensma

Frans Steensma writes, 'Saw Robin's A Tale Untold Tour in Boerderij, Zoetermeer (first gig European tour) and Paradiso (sold out!) early September 2010.
Good shows: only Davey Pattison was slightly below par, due to a cold. A surprise to hear three new songs (You Can Find Me, The Turning and Not Inside - Outside).
And it produced some nice signed items for the collection. Above, Zoetermeer ticket: only RT came out, so only one signature.

Paradiso ticket. Luckily after the show the band came out complete so next to RT there's Davey Pattison, Glenn Letsch and Pete Thompson


RT with shoes, hat, etc, in 2020; and a link to his Blues Podcast from the same year

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