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Palers' Fair in Croydon, 25 May 2002

Thanks from 'Beyond the Pale' to …

'Beyond the Pale' have many people to thank for the great success of our Croydon celebrations.

Paramount among them are Procol Harum themselves for a musically tremendous evening (with some classic hilarious patter from the Commander!)

Not to be forgotten are the Palers, Whalers, e-mailers and fellow-sailors who convened from nineteen different lands [Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA] to socialise and celebrate.

Particular thanks must go to:


Dave Ball for supplying a CD raffle-prize of his brand-new front-room song demos


Gary Barnes and all his staff at the Fairfield Halls for making us very welcome and running things so smoothly


Hermann Braunschmidt for supplying a feast of video materials (thanks, Michel, also), and the Barbican performance photographs, and contributing the largest raffle-prize!


Gary Brooker, Matt Pegg, Matthew Fisher, Geoff Whitehorn and Mark Brzezicki for their gracious and amusing responses to the vote of thanks … and for the catalogue of Mark's innumerable automobiles


Peter Christian for manning the door, driving, and helping out in general


Chris Cooke, from Strongman, for creative solutions


Lou Fowkes, Procol's publicist, for liaison and crowd control!


John Grayson and Christine Ayre, and Emily, for supplying the Shine On merchandise at such nice prices


Chris Groom and Julia for the 'Local Procol' exhibition of Croydon Harum links (and for donating a raffle-prize)


Andy Keith-Smith from BEAST tee-shirts in Bristol for the 'One More Toast' fan-ware


Malène Lemoine, for manning (person-ing ?) the stall and helping out in general … ooh-la-la!


Thomas Raa Olsen, for all the space in his car


John Pearce, of Ken Pearce badges in Bristol, for the loan of the Universal Bodging Machine


Keith Reid, for permission to quote his Procol words on the raffle-badges


Diane Rolph and Mark Lundquist for making the gig happen


Greg Smith, from Australia on his maiden Procol gig, for a stirring vote of thanks to Procol Harum (Greg is pictured right, by Peter Christian)


Daniel and Henrik Söderström for their great help with the Keith Reid lyric-badge raffle


Jonas Söderström for the Copenhagen 2001 photo-exhibition


Frans Steensma for introducing the 1967 Bilzen footage, and for simultaneous translation


Pam and Richard, Barrie Wilson's sister and brother, for selecting raffle prizes

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