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Christmas Conundrums 2002

Question of the Day : 3 January 2003

Over the twelve days of Christmas we are setting quiz questions about the following Procolesque albums (only): Procol Harum 1967, Shine on Brightly, A Salty Dog, Home, Broken Barricades, Live at Edmonton, Grand Hotel, Exotic Birds and Fruit, Procol's Ninth, Something Magic, The Prodigal Stranger, The Long Goodbye (The Symphonic Music), and The Well's on Fire.

Carefully read and answer the questions below. The answer is always the name of a Procol album as listed above. If you get them right you will find that the answers are all different, except one. To put it another way, just two of the answers will be the same, and that's the Album of the Day. To win, just write down the Album of the Day from each instalment, and on the last day we shall tell you what to do with them, in order to win your choice from the list of Fab Prizes.

Preamble over: here are today's nine questions! (to find previous questions, look here). Not much in the way of clues today, but The Search Engine will be a robe of silk to you on your journey (not a clue, Rich!)


Arguably the inside photo on this album's gatefold sleeve shows Keith Reid acting out a line from verse one of his most famous lyric of all


There's a song on this album whose title is just one letter different from the title given to the scantily-attired lady most featured in each issue of a well-known 'glamour' magazine. Clue, as if you needed one, here


On this album there is some Choral Shouting (rather like that brilliant moment in Walton's Belshazzar's Feast where the chorus shouts 'Slain!') that apparently caused some unwanted merriment at the recording in 1971


On this album you can hear a Sleigh Tambourine played by a member of the band


The cover of this album takes its inspiration, or lack thereof, from a board-game


Three of the musicians whose shoes are pictured here by Linda Clare play together on The Prodigal Stranger, but that's not the album we're looking for. The answer to this question will be another album from the list above where three of the musicians whose shoes are pictured here play together.


This album allegedly features some instrumental work 'from percussionist Rocky Didzornu, and Denny Laine's violin player'


This album contains the spoken words, 'A new life will spread'


This album contains a song written by Keith Reid and an onstage member of Procol Harum ... nothing unusual about that, perhaps, except that the particular combination of composers occurs on no other Procol song


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