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Christmas Conundrums 2002

Question of the Day : New Year's Day

Happy New Year!

Over the twelve days of Christmas we are setting quiz questions about the following Procolesque albums (only): Procol Harum 1967, Shine on Brightly, A Salty Dog, Home, Broken Barricades, Live at Edmonton, Grand Hotel, Exotic Birds and Fruit, Procol's Ninth, Something Magic, The Prodigal Stranger, The Long Goodbye (The Symphonic Music), and The Well's on Fire.

Carefully read and answer the questions below. The answer is always the name of a Procol album as listed above. If you get them right you will find that the answers are all different, except one. To put it another way, just two of the answers will be the same, and that's the Album of the Day. To win, just write down the Album of the Day from each instalment, and on the last day we shall tell you what to do with them, in order to win your choice from the list of Fab Prizes.

Preamble over: here are today's nine questions! (to find previous questions, look here). Follow the clues if you like, or use the BtP search-engine


At the height of British Psychedelia, amid the multicoloured excesses of Sgt Pepper and Disraeli Gears, this Procol album comes out in sombre black and white


News that this album was on its way was broken to the Procol online community on the fifth birthday of 'Beyond the Pale' ... and the website started in October 1997. No rocket science required, therefore.


This album features a rocking track on side one whose band playout features musical gaps in which numerous macabre sound effects ... scream, slamming doors, etc ... may be heard


This album was much-vaunted as a return to basics after its lavishly-produced and orchestrated predecessor, yet it too had strings, though not prominently featured, on its rocking opener.


This album was once scheduled to contain a poem, spoken by Keith Reid, that has since been performed in public at two Palers' Band gigs: clue here that might need some thought


This album was published in the UK and in the USA with two entirely different covers, though both feature strangely-mutated pianos. One was by George Underwood, if you feel like searching.


This Procol album has two (2) tracks on it credited to Trower / Reid


This superb album was re-released with a highly-desirable live bonus track


This album contains the sung words, 'in my wife there's a knife'


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