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Procol Harum on tour

Dates from 1971 

We have no authoritative master-source for these dates, so we rely on the fans to search their diaries, photo-albums, ticket collections, poster-stashes, even their memories: and send in further dates and references for any year of this growing Procol tour index. Thanks to David Timmins for the submissions in green print. See also the Dave Ball list

(Can anyone verify "1971 Melbourne, Victoria Australia at Festival Hall", a Procol Harum gig that Pat Herley remembers attending? Chris Copping reports to BtP: 'Hi guys – in case no one else confirmed it was 1973 that PH (including me) played Festival Hall Melbourne – September I think')


Atlanta Municipal Auditorium

Must have been before April as Trower was with them: pictures here


San Diego (month unknown, but must have been after April as Trower was not with them)

'Small short-lived club in Pacific Beach, don't recall any other bands.'  (thanks, Liz)


Quinnipiac College in Hamden CT

'As I remember Mountain opened for them.' (Mark Ritucci)


Manchester University

Procol were due to play, but it was cancelled owing to Robin Trower's illness (thanks, Andrew)


 Birmingham, England, Town Hall 

 With Amazing Blondel


 Newcastle, England, City Hall

 With Amazing Blondel


 Manchester, England, Free Trade Hall

 With Amazing Blondel


 Bristol, England, Colston Hall

 With Amazing Blondel


 Portsmouth, England, Guilldhall

 With Amazing Blondel


 Sheffield, England, City Hall

 With Amazing Blondel


Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo NY (thanks, Dave)

Mark Leffler ... long-time follower of BtP ... writes, 'I was in attendance at the 24 March 1971 concert at Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, NY. Cactus was the opening act, and Robin wore a black cowboy shirt. Great concert. I don't know why I remember the cowboy shirt deal, but it must have made quite an impression on my 16-year-old mind. It was a great show, very powerful. I can remember being impressed with Chris Copping. At the time it was almost sacrilegious, as my particular group of pals were all big Matthew Fisher fans, but the fact that he handled bass and organ was pretty cool!'


Kiel Convention Hall, St Louis, Mo. USA (supporting Jethro Tull) (thanks, Evan)

Jim Krapf writes: 'the name of this building was "Kiel Auditorium" not 'Convention Hall'. Though Tull was good that night Procol, as opening act, surprised the audience and stole the show.'   Curved Air were also on the bill


University of Rochester Palestra (thanks, Dave)

'I saw this show. Incredible. The band was dressed entirely in black. BJ Wilson's drum solo during Power Failure was an explosive masterpiece. He poured so much into it that he almost fainted and actually had to be carried off the stage afterwards.' (thanks, Roy Stein)


 Cleveland, OH, Cleveland Arena 

With Jethro Tull, Cactus, Curved Air 


Cincinnati, Ohio  (thanks, Richard)

Ticket here


 Stony Brook, NY, SUNY Gym (two shows)

 With Seatrain

710414 Buffalo  Kleinhans Music Hall (with Cactus) (thanks, Martin Stassen)


 Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada (thanks, Frans)

The support was Cactus


Rochester, NY, at the War Memorial.

Ticket here  (thanks, Frank)


 Detroit, MI, Eastown Theater

 With J. Geils Band, Trapeze


 Detroit, MI, Eastown Theater

 J. Geils Band, Trapeze


Painter's Mill Music Fair, Baltimore

Procol were promoting Broken Barricades; Cat Stevens opened. 'Two shows (I was at both): a great night of music.' (Scott Pendleton)

'I saw them at a 1,500-seat theater in the round with Cat Stevens, 18 April 1971 concert presented by Tree Frog Productions held at Painters Mill, just outside Baltimore, MD (thanks, MLinVa)


Fillmore East, NYC (Procol Harum, Paul Winter Consort, Teegarden & VanWinkle)


'I was at this one. The first of dozens. I remember arriving late and missing Teegarden & Van Winkle. Paul Winter was a little 'out there' for the 17 year-old me, and we couldn't wait for Procol Harum to begin.

'There was a lot of switching of instruments as I remember it. Robin went to mandolin [? Ed] on A Salty Dog and bass on quite few others, AWSoP being one, wish I could remember more specifically. No bass guitar on Whaling Stories as Chris went to organ. This didn't matter at all. It was great. It was the first time that us Yanks ever heard Wee Small Hours, and we left the concert hall in search of the rare UK 45. The Light Show was super, with a train engine coming directly at us during Whisky Train. I've seen Procol so many times since then that it's hard to remember. It was a GREAT show. This was my favorite line-up. Chris Copping bassist extraordinaire!' (thanks, Buddy Zech)


 New York, NY, Fillmore East (two shows)

 Wuth Winter Consort, Teagarden & Van Winkle


 Philadelphia, PA, Spectrum

 With Emerson, Lake & Palmer, T. Rex

710426 Montreal Forum (thanks, Paul Wolfe)


 Boston, MA, Music Hall 

 With Mountain


Santa Monica Civic



Santa Monica Civic: Procol Harum,

As above, with Spencer Davis & Peter Jameson and Fanny.


Schaefer Music Festival, Wollman Rink, Central Park, NYC

Mylon Lefevre opening the show: review here

710820 Place des Nations, Montreal, Canada

Stage set-up pictures

710821 The Ritz, Staten Island, NY

'We had Procol at the Ritz on 21 August 1971, the Blues Project (later version of The Band) opened.
There was a nice review of the concert in the Village Voice in their Scenes section, I have a copy of it somewhere.
I co-produced the concerts with Nick and Arnie Ungano at the Ritz Theatre. The Village Voice review of the 1971 concert writes that they performed A Salty Dog, In the Wee Small Hours of Sixpence, Pilgrim’s Progress, In Held ’Twas In I, with the first encore being Repent Walpurgis and the second being Power Failure. They also played Conquistador, Simple Sister, Broken Barricades, Luskus Delph, Shine on Brightly.

(thanks, Bob Herman!)


St Louis

'This show was at The Factory, an old movie theater in St Charles on the left as you came off the old St. Charles Rock Road Bridge. The sound was great and lots of bands played out there: Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes closed the place after a late show on Hallowe'en night ... they had too many people in the place and the local police and Fire Marshall came in and told the crowd to clear the aisles and Ted cranked up the guitar and started playing which pissed off the police ... after that they pulled the plug and shut off their power and ended the show ... after that night they wouldn't let them have any more shows out there.' (thanks, Evan)

'Procol did two shows that evening, back to back, and I was there for both of them. Unfortunately, I have lost any memorabilia from that  time but I see the setlist and it certainly looks right.   I remember walking up to the old movie theatre and hearing Mr Ball practising the opening to Shine on Brightly.  What a rush! I know for sure that was their opening number.   Though the setlists were almost the same, I'm pretty sure they did at least a couple of different tunes in their second show.  I stayed in the theatre between shows but I don't remember if I bought tickets for both.   I remember hunkering down so logic tells me I didn't – but no one told me to leave.   It was a great, intimate space to see Procol.' (thanks, Jim Krapf)

Setlist here


Auditorium Theatre Chicago (Black Oak Arkansas opening the show)


'... possibly the most inappropriate pairing of acts since Jimi Hendrix opened for The Monkees in the ‘60s,' writes Pam Chwedyk. 'According to my notes, some of the songs played included Simple Sister, Still There’ll Be More, In the Wee Small Hours of Sixpence, Power Failure, Pilgrims Progress and “a large portion of In Held ‘Twas In I". My extremely sketchy notes also indicate that: (1) GB commented that the band was like “the bloody Marx Brothers.” (2) Somebody in the audience gave BJ an orange, with Brooker then suggesting that dill pickles would be more appropriate. (3) GB warned the audience not to eat fish from Lake Michigan. (4) Most of the songs played seemed to come from the Shine on Brightly album.' (thanks, Pam)

Regarding the 1970 / 1971 / 1972 concerts in Chicago, I was at all three – I believe the 1970 Ravinia Concert was 17 July 1970, my first PH Show – very excellent. Black Oak Arkansas show was a mess, less than an hour before the encores, all 50s and 60s blues songs. Brooker was clearly in a bad mood. Mark-Almond show was sweet. (thanks, George Andrews)


London School of Economics, UK

'I remember deciding then and there ... that they were the great'st band I had ever seen ... and time and lots of concerts hasn't changed my mind.' (thanks, Dave Whitaker)

711009 Leicester University, UK See 'Procol for Europe' clipping (thanks, Martin)


Tivoli, Copenhagen

Ticket here


Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark (thanks, Anders Blad)



Konserthuset, Göteborg, Sweden

Setlist and ticket here


Chateau Neuf - Oslo, Norway (thanks, Anders Blad)

Setlist here

711019 Aarhus, Denmark See 'Procol for Europe' clipping (thanks, Martin)
711020 Aarhus, Denmark See 'Procol for Europe' clipping (thanks, Martin) ... this listing conflicts with the Holsrebro Hallen date below


Holstebro Hallen, Holstebro Denmark

Procol were supported by two Danish bands: Day of Phoenix + Dr Dopo Jam. 971 tickets sold. Arranger: Scandinavium Booking Agency (thanks, Michael)

711021 Odense, Denmark See 'Procol for Europe' clipping (thanks, Martin)


Stakladen, Arhus, Denmark

Pictures here


711023 Copenhagen, Denmark See 'Procol for Europe' clipping (thanks, Martin) ... it seems unlikely that Procol would play the Danish capital on both 15 and 23 October
711025 Bremen, Germany See 'Procol for Europe' clipping (thanks, Martin) ... the Beat-Club Workshop recording for Radio Bremen



Ticket here (with Heads Hands and Feet)



Ticket here (with Heads Hands and Feet)


Düsseldorf at the Rheinhalle (with Head Hands and Feet)

'I only remember, that they begun with Shine on Brightly and then played In the Wee Small Hours of Sixpence (thanks, Peter Krott)

711029 Salford University, UK See 'Procol for Europe' clipping (thanks, Martin)


Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ticket hereKing Crimson was the opener. (J P Hovercraft)

711115 Ackerman Union Grand Ballroom, University of California, Los Angeles, America


Bobby Coyote writes, 'I have enclosed a ticket stub from 42 years ago. If you look at the date you will see that it is the last show before the famous Edmonton concert. My sister was going to UCLA at the time and that is why we were able to obtain the $2.00 ticket. Nils Lofgren opened the show with his band GRIN. I was 14 at the time and it was already my third Procol Harum concert. The first at the Santa Monica Civic with Blodwyn Pig opening and the next show was the summer after at the same venue when Procol was promoting Broken Barricades.

What a lucky teen I was to have been exposed to such great music at an early age. Gary did mention at the UCLA show that the band was heading to Edmonton to record with an orchestra – and did I mention that the band rocked that night.

Years later I did get to meet the band in 2003 at a restaurant in Seattle. Matt Pegg spilled his cocktail on the bar and proceeded to drink it up with a straw. He also introduced me to Gary and said, 'This is Bobby Coyote.' And Gary said, 'Well we do have foxes in England.'

(thanks, Bobby)


Jubilee Auditorium, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Numerous pages about this wonderful 1971 concert


Palladium, NYC, USA

Setlist here


Palladium, NYC, USA

Setlist here











































































































































































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