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Christmas Conundrums 2010

Tickets ... reading-matter ... autographs ... antique vinyl ... 18 CDs and a DVD ... nine fine prizes

Each year at Christmas, following the Scandinavian custom, BtP sets twelve days of Procol puzzles which great numbers of the band's adherents follow with much interest and merriment ... at the end of the trail is typically a one-word answer, which you send in by e-mail to the webmasters, to win one (or more?) of the prizes below. The puzzles start on Christmas Day – some would say that they grow more and more straightforward year by year, while the prizes get more and more salivatory.

This year's fine freebies are, we trust you'll agree, every bit as desirable as 1997's, 1998's, 1999's, 2000's, 2001's, 2002's, 2003's, 2004's, 2005's, 2006's, 2007, 2008's, or 2009's: thanks to the generosity of our various Santa Claus-like friends as indicated below. Click here, in due time, to view the schedule of winners!


CD Antonio Zambrini trio: Songs from the Procol Harum Songbook (thanks, Stefano)


CD Mick Grabham's Guitar Orchestra (thanks, Angel Air)


Signed book: George Lovell's famous Procol Harum memoir, The Waiter Brought a Tray, signed by Procol Harum  (thanks, Gary, Geoff, Geoff, Josh, Matt ... and George)


15 Procol discs: the (pre-release) 2010 Salvo CD The Best of PH Then and Now ... plus the remastered bonus-laden Procol Harum / Shine on Brightly / A Salty Dog / Home / Broken Barricades / Live in Concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra / Grand Hotel / Exotic Birds and Fruit / Procol's Ninth / Something Magic ... plus the four-disc box-set, All This and More (thanks, Salvo!)


Two tickets to hear Denmark's Procol Harum Project play, on Saturday afternoon 15 January, in Copenhagen (thanks, Søren and Poul)


Historic A&M promo 45 rpm vinyl single ('Not for Sale'): The Devil Came from Kansas / Boredom (produced by Matthew Fisher) (thanks, Gary)


CD Procol Harum in Concert with the Danish National Concert Orchestra and Choir, 2006 (thanks, Eagle Records)


Signed shirt: the very last Salty Dog-style Procol tee-shirt, with the classic now-sold-out lifebelt design [like this, but the shirt is white], signed by Procol Harum (thanks, Gary, Geoff, Geoff, Josh and Matt)


CD Procol Harum BBC Live in Concert, 1974 (thanks, Strange Fruit)

Competitors should rank the above prizes in the order they favour them, and send in their preference – all nine letters, please! – with the solution to the puzzles. The message will look something like : "The one-word answer is [x] and my prize preferences are DCGEAHIBF"

We shall allot the first three prizes on a beat-the-clock basis, where the earliest correct response earns its first choice of prize and so on; after that all subsequent correct entries received in the next 24 hours will be placed in the BtP Homburg and the remaining prize-winners will be drawn by a suitably Glamorous Assistant, Deo volente.

In the somewhat unlikely event of there being fewer than nine winners, the first people to submit correct answers will get more than their fair share of the prizes!

The quiz starts on Christmas Day and runs through to Twelfth Night. You can join in at any time, if you have a pencil and an internet connection! The answer at the end will be a single word, as in previous years.

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