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Signed AWSoP CD competition

Answer and Triumphant Victor

'Beyond the Pale' offered a signed A Whiter Shade of Pale CD (with two live tracks) in its April Fool's Day 2004 competitionlet (thanks, Gary).

Here are the answers and questions:


The mountain crag named Procol Harum is in not in the UK but
in - - - - - - - - - .
[One letter for each dash]


Procol Harum reportedly played their first gig at the - - - - - - - - - the day A Whiter Shade Of Pale came out. (Jimi Hendrix was there)
[One letter for each dash]

 Shine on Brightly

One of Procol Harum's albums, - - - - -    - -    - - - - - - - - , has its title song on side one track two, and the last seven letters of that song's name form the middle word in the title of the preceding track.
[One letter for each dash]

 Broken Barricades

According to Chris Michie, Procol's former tape-operator, there is Moog synthesiser on a couple of tracks on one of the Harum albums, namely - - - - - -    - - - - - - - - - -.
[One letter for each dash]


- - - - - - - - , the trumpets chorused, according to one of Keith Reid's songs that came out in 1970. 
[One letter for each dash]


'I'm going to good old - - - - - - - - - - - - ' to hear Gary Brooker and No Stiletto Shoes, sang Michael Ackermann on The Leaving of Wuppertal, his track on 1999's Best of the Whalers CD.
[One letter for each dash]

 Chris Cooke

You don't need to explore the ship to find out the name of Procol Harum's current manager, - - - - -    - - - - - .
[One letter for each dash]


The name - - - - occurs in the first verse of Pandora's Box and is also the name of Procol's organist at Edmonton 1992
[One letter for each dash]

 Union Chapel

Where do Procol Harum live, according to the title of their upcoming DVD release?

'Procol Harum live at the - - - - -    - - - - - - ' J
[One letter for each dash]

How to have won! All you had to do was create a little message and send it to BtP. If you got it right, your name was put in the BtP Homburg, and if it got drawn out, you won the prize!

The little message was formed in the following way: you took the last letter of the answer to the last clue, then the second-last letter of the answer to the second-last clue, then the third-from-last letter of the answer to the third-from last clue, and so on. You wrote all the letters down in order, then reversed them, and sent us the message that ensued: it was, needless to say, April Fool.

Thanks to all who took part - we hope you enjoyed it. Commiserations to those who were not put in the hat - either for spelling 'fool' incorrectly, or for adding an s to the end, or for simply not reading the instruction correctly. Most people did fine, though, with Gary Shepard being first in, after about ten minutes. We turned a blind eye to multiple entries from the same address, too! The signed CD will soon be on its way to Kerry Holloway - congratulations!

Thanks, Quirk

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