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Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings

Barcelona : a pictorial record : Friday 13 July 2001

Friday 13 proved to be the least unlucky day in the life of über-Paler Martin Awsop, who finally got to meet the composer of the song of which he collects cover-versions more avidly than anyone else in this sector of the galaxy (details of his collection are here)

Martin writes (from 'Cloud Nine'):

'As you can see until in the newspaper they spoke of Gary Brooker and also of me but the very important it was that on Friday day 13 of Julio 2001 were forever in my memory, because I was finally able to know in person to Gary Brooker and I could show him my collection of AWSoP, he was very surprised when seeing the quantity of you interpret that there are of this song and that many of them until him ignored, he likes a lot and it was very kind with me, at night the concert was fantastic and he is in full mood and also played AWSoP sang alone on the piano, "the delirium" (for my) I recommend all the Palers that go to this concert if they can.'

Clipping from 'El Periodico'

The clipping tells of the ex-leader of the 60s' PH, and their worldwide hit AWSoP; of his solo AWSoP at the piano with the Rhythm Kings, to the delight of fans like the Barcelona taxi-driver whose web page lists over 200 cover versions …

Gary pictured with Martin Awsop in his European Tour tee-shirt (still available from Shine On)

Gary sings the opening number with the Rhythm Kings in Barcelona … Let the Good Times Roll

Gary's solo AWSoP (right) and the ticket for the concert (below) on which the name of Brooker is prominent. The ticket is also notable for its retro-Wyman … these days he is a smiling bass-player!

Says Martin Awsop, 'of course that you can put my pictures in the website, I will be very proud of it.'

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