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GB in Oz 2000

Useful information from Greg Smith down under

Details of British Rock Symphony video (starring Gary Brooker)

This was shown on Australian Televison on January 22, Midnight. It was clearly edited down from a complete video that may be released at sometime in the future. It is not available commercially at this time.

The tracks played were:

1 Overture - Band and Orchestra
2 Norwegian Wood - Simon Townshend
3 Give Peace A Chance (intro)
4 Imagine - Alvin Fields
5 Blackbird - Simon Townshend
6 Give Peace A Chance (Reprise)
7 Come Together - Paul Young/Nikki Lamborn
8 Street Fighting Man - Roger Daltrey
9 Start Me Up - Alice Cooper
10 5:15 - Cooper/Daltrey
11 See Me Feel Me - Daltrey
12 Stairway To Heaven - Lamborn
13 Conquistador - GB
14 A Whiter Shade of Pale - GB
15 Let It Be - Daltrey/Love
16 Pinball Wizard - Daltrey
17 With A Little Help From my Friends - Everybody (inc Gary Brooker)

Of note is that Geoff Whitehorn is the lead guitarist throughout the concert. The video was taken over two nights at two of the concerts around Southern England that were held on the grounds of English Manors (see here).

Extra bits of information:

All of the artists were asked to were the same clothes at both gigs that were filmed. This was so the two concerts could be edited together seamlessly. Gary complained that he was the only person who actually conformed to this request. From watching the video this is not quite true as most artists did comply reasonably closely. The obvious offender however is Geoff Whitehorn who appears one night in a multi coloured tee-shirt and a white one the next night. Geoff apparently did this deliberately and was referred to by one of the video team as "that bloody hippy guitarist" as a consequence. There are also other obvious differences, however Gary and Geoff (at the Melbourne reception) pointed out one that can be overlooked but would have given it away regardless of clothing. If you look closely the set-up of the band and orchestra is different in the two concerts.

On the last gig of the British tour Paul Young was unavailable. Gary was roped into to do Come Together - not on the video. After the performance Gary was complimented on his excellent movements and dance steps whilst singing. Gary revealed in Melbourne that whilst flattered the real reason for the dancing was that he didn't know the words. They were taped to the stage and at various times when he wandered he had to quickly get back to the words so he knew what to sing.

Apparently the video has only been shown in Australia thus far.

Geoff Whitehorn was an obvious choice for the tour as he has played in Procol Harum, The Who, Roger Daltrey's Band and Paul Rodgers Band over the past four years.

Update on details of Ultimate Rock Symphony (Starring Gary Brooker) tour of Australia

Gary will be singing AWSoP, ASD & Conquistador as well as joining everyone for the grand finale, With A Little Help From My Friends.

Jack Bruce has withdrawn from the tour. Jimmy Barnes has been added to the tour: an Australian with considerable local (and some overseas) success as a solo artist and with Cold Chisel.

Nikki Lamborn is touring. She was not listed in the original promotion material.

Zac Starkey is not touring. He has been replaced by a nephew of Pete Townsend.

Gary commented that the orchestra (from Melbourne) is excellent. At the time of the Melbourne reception he had done 3 days' rehearsal with them. The choirs are being picked up locally in the different cities they perform in.

GB in Oz


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