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Brooker down under

Preliminary reports on the 'Meet and Greet'

Here are three preliminary reports from the 'Fresh Fruit Meet and Greet' held chez Copping on 20 February 2000

Hi All Palers

Just returned from the Melbourne Reception for Gary, Frankie and Geoff Whitehorn at Chris & Vicki Copping's house. I won't take the thunder from whomever is the "official reporter" of the event other than to say the day was great, Gary, Franky, Geoff, Chris & Vicki are great people and the jam session covered tracks from Alpha to Delta - I kid you not!

But to the point of this message. After a long discussion about live recordings (past, unofficial & FUTURE) Gary asked me to use the Net and the BtP faithful to do him a favour.

Gary is looking for a copy of one of his songs that he has only performed live once. He wants to hear what it sounds like!

The track is '2006'. It is an instrumental with orchestra (no GB vocals) that has a choir (from Czech Republic) singing the choruses. It was performed on the European "Rock Meets Classics" Tour in 1993. He and Geoff think the performance was at Ravensburg or Regensburg (SP?) Germany.

Does anyone have a copy of this or know someone who has? Let Me Know. No questions asked. I will arrange a copy to get to Gary. Even details of the venue and a date might prove useful.

Thanks in advance


Dear Diane

Just to say a wonderful time was had by all here today.

It has been a hugely hot week here with temperatures in high 30s but it changed overnight to mid 20s today. Steve Wallace and various PH enthusiasts gathered here today for curries and drinkies. Geoff Whitehorn came too and we had a sing song in the music room. GB doesn't need a mic or such occasions and everyone was very civilised - probably a tad different to a Motorhead appreciation society!

Franky was still under the weather from her throat infection but still in excellent spirits. It really was a magical gathering and Vicki and I feel so proud to have been able to host such a convivial meet-up. All I can say is that it's a shame you and John etc etc could not have been present.

We dug up a vinyl of Lead Me to the Water which sounded very impressive.

In short we SHONE ON. Quite brightly so!

Love C[hris] C[opping], Vicki and the gang.


My father and I are avid Procol fans, and on Sunday the 20th Feb, he and my mother attended a party at Chris Copping's home (Dad is a friend of both Chris and Dave Ball). Before dad left, I jokingly asked him if he could find out from Gary what the piano chords to A Christmas Camel were (I could work them out myself but - why not get the info straight from the horse's mouth?)

Well, my father did ask, and he received, but not before Gary and Chris, (whilst Gary was trying to remember the song!) jammed apparently for about an hour or two! I only hope someone taped the performance.

Just thought you'd be interested. I certainly was!

More information will follow after my parents finally ring me or get back to Brisbane.

Regards and Viva la Harum!

Sir Galahad (not the)

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