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Brooker / Winter Solstice celebrations in Manhattan

Competition solution, names of winners, and where to buy tickets

This very straightforward competition involved seven church gigs played by Gary Brooker, and the Paul Winter album adjudged by its producer, George Martin, to be the finest record he ever made.

The Paul Winter album is called 'Icarus'.

In which of those seven church gigs did Gary (albeit inadvertently) sing that album-title, Icarus? It's a word that occurs only once, in one Procol Harum song.

The simplest way to find the answer was to interrogate BtP's trove of Procol song-words by typing icarus into Google.

Up comes a solitary answer, 'Nothing But the Truth'.

'Like Icarus we flew too high
We flew too near the sun'

The wording of the competition page does, typically, include clues ... 'if you can't be bothered to figure out the answer to all the high-flown business above, just wing it' ... so you know you're on the right lines. .

Then click on each of the seven setlists (they're here, here, here, here, here, here and here) to see how often Nothing But the Truth was played.

It occurred in three concerts, here, here, here ... so tally them up and lo, 'three' is the correct answer.

Though most people got this right, there were quite a few 'differently-correct' responses, including 'zero', 'five', 'six' and 'seven'.

The winners' names came forth from the BtP Homburg as follows: Stan Berman, Carmen La Rosa, Jim Stratico ... all from the USA, by chance (there were plenty of European contestants, but the random draw did not favour them on this occasion).

Would Stan, Carmen and Jim please write in by clicking on this special link and we'll tell you what to do next. Each winner is entitled to a pair of opening night ringside Brooker / Winter tickets worth $190 and we thank Paul Winter and Kay Friday very much for their kind generosity to Procol Harum fans. We'd be very grateful if each winner would send a brief report, with souvenirs and impressions, so BtP which cannot send a delegate to the show, sadly has something to report to the rest of the world.

AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL : the frustrated un-winners may get tickets anyway:
click on, where there are still seats available at $35, $55, and $95. Each seating section has its own perks, as this event uses the entire cathedral: there's a different, enthralling spectacle in prospect from whatever seat you eventually buy

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