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Win tickets for the 2016 Winter Solstice celebrations in Manhattan

Gary Brooker / Paul Winter 15, 16, 17 and 17 December 2016

Enter this simple competition and win one of two (now three) prizes!

The first prize is 'a pair of reserved (close to GB) seats for Thursday 15 December (the big opening night)' [Generous sponsor Paul Winter's own wording].

The second prize is exactly the same (though involving slightly different seats, of course)

The third prize (added to the competition on 4 November) is the same as the second prize (thanks Paul, thanks Kay)

To be in with a good chance, you'll need to have another look at our main page about this amazing event.

You'll find references to seven particular concerts where Gary Brooker has sung in churches, in Britain and overseas (they're here, here, here, here, here, here and here).

To find the answer to the quiz question (below) you'll need to take note of all the Procol Harum songs GB sang at those ecclesiastical gigs. Pay no attention to the non-Procol songs ... just the tunes that originally came out on records or CDs with 'Procol Harum' printed on them.

You'll also see references to certain albums produced by George Martin, to whom the December concerts are dedicated.

So here's the single, simple question; if you'd been to all those seven church gigs, and listened only to the Procol Harum tunes, how many times would you have heard Gary Brooker (albeit inadvertently) sing the title of  'the finest record I have ever made' according to George Martin on this page? It's a word that occurs only once, in one PH song.

[Example: if George Martin's best album were called 'Drain', Gary would have uttered its name inadvertently had he performed Whisky Train or Wall Street Blues or One Eye on the Future, all of which contain that word. And you'd have to check whether those songs were on the seven church setlists, and decide if they appear on records with 'Procol Harum' printed on them. But, of course, the actual word you're looking for occurs in just one Keith Reid lyric, so the real puzzle is a whole lot easier than this example]

Words of Procol Harum songs are, of course, to be found linked from this page; and if you want to know which album a song such as 'Holding On' appears on, click this search link and add 'Holding On' to the pre-loaded text... then click on some of the links that come up, and read the pages to which they lead you.

Your answer will be a single number spelt out as a word (such as 'three' or 'seven' or 'four' or 'zero', for example. Other numbers are available). Don't send a sentence from which we have to extract the winning info.

You'll also send your name and your street address (for identification purposes at the venue) to [use this special link] . Names of people who send correct answers will be placed in the BtP Homburg, and be drawn thence in the last minute of Firework Night, 5 November 2016. The owner of the first name out will win the first prize, and the owner of the second name out will win the second prize, and the owner of the third name out will win the third prize.  The webmasters' decision will be final.

Good luck! Remember, even if you can't be bothered to figure out the answer to all the high-flown business above, just wing it: you have a one-in-eight chance of winning with a random number chosen from zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven. But only the first entry received from each person will be considered.

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