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Liquorice Jam Brooklyn, USA fans gather to play music

Tito's pictures (1) from 16 July 2015


This event, speedily yet expertly convened by Tito Davila and Gary Celebre, took its name from Procol Harum's off-duty moniker in the Liquorice John sessions
Pictures on this page sent to BtP by Tito ... thanks!


It brought together a bunch of musical friends who happened to be in the vicinity at the time, some of whom are pictured above:
left to right Carina Saraco, Marvin Chassman, Ruthie Bosch (graphic designer of Palers' Project CDs and tee-shirts), Don Milione, Tito Davila, Kenny White Jr,
Gary Celebre, Linda Clare, Roland from BtP and Ronnie D'Addario. This was taken post-pizza; already gone were George Phipps, and Brian and
Michael D'Addario from The Lemon Twigs; missing momentarily, Bert Saraco


Tito's prefatory announcement included a dedication to our late friend Dave Ball, with whom so many
of those present had had such good times playing the same music in similar circumstances

Tito at the kit: he also sang ... and played cajon and foot-bells on A Souvenir of London

Kenny White Jr, guitar. It was possibly his Floydesque influence that led us to play a chunk of Atom Heart Mother

Dave: wish you were here


Our genial organisers, Tito and Gary. Thanks!

The indispensable Lorraine Celebre, hewing a melon

A pianist's hat, bought in Paris the day of Gary Brooker and Friends' recent recital there

Ronnie D'Addario (get his album A Very Short Dream from iTunes!) who also played bass,
and drums, and sang ... closely watched by John Ferrari on high

Husband and wife Bert and Carina, whose vocal harmonies lent a plaintive
Johnny-Cash-and-June-Carter flavour to a number of pieces

Gary on bass in his domain ... 'Electric Garyland' ... an unfeasibly well-equipped home rehearsal and recording facility


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