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Liquorice Jam • Brooklyn, USA • 16 July 2015

Songs tackled in whole or part

A semi-planned jam by Palers' Band alumni local to Brooklyn on 16 July: a bit of fun, nonetheless sincerely dedicated to the memory of our Fellow Traveller, Dave Ball. Some people played from songbooks, some from charts; some played by memory or by ear, or let their fingers do the thinking. We frequently rang the changes and enjoyed listening to as well as playing with each other. With no goal -- beyond our own immediate enjoyment -- this was a different kind of experience from the typical Palers' Band get-together, which is usually a rehearsal for a sideshow at a party, or occasionally a public show (as at BB King's Club in Los Angeles or when, as The Palers' Project, we opened for Gary Brooker's 'Procol Rarum' gig in London in 2007). Different, but just as good. Hope it happens again!

Tunes played by prior arrangement
A Salty Dog [Brooker/Reid], A Souvenir of London [Brooker/Reid](twice), A Whiter Shade of Pale [Brooker/Fisher/Reid] (three verses), Barnyard Story[Brooker/Reid], Broken Barricades [Brooker/Reid], Fellow Travellers [Fisher/Reid], For Liquorice John [Brooker/Reid], Grand Hotel [Brooker/Reid], Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone) [Brooker/Reid], Memorial Drive [Trower/Reid], Nothing That I Didn’t Know [Brooker/Reid], Pandora’s Box [Brooker/Reid], Quite Rightly So [Brooker/Fisher/Reid], Shine on Brightly [Brooker/Reid], The Dead Man’s Dream [Brooker/Reid], The Idol [Brooker/Reid], The Milk of Human Kindness [Brooker/Reid], Theme from an Imaginary Western [Jack Bruce/Pete Brown], Weisselklenzenacht  [Fisher]

Songs performed extempore
A Christmas Camel [Brooker/Reid], Bringing Home the Bacon [Brooker/Reid], A Rum Tale [Brooker/Reid], All Things Must Pass [George Harrison], Atom Heart Mother (largo part) [Pink Floyd], Conquistador [Brooker/Reid], Eight Days a Week [The Beatles], Homburg (using AWSoP words) [Brooker/Reid], Rambling On [Brooker/Reid], Something Following Me [Brooker/Reid], Whaling Stories  [Brooker/Reid]

Numbers incompletely visited
Whaling Stories
(again) [Brooker/Reid], In the Autumn of my Madness [Brooker/Fisher/Reid], , Let it Be [The Beatles], Mabel/Daydream [ [Brooker/Reid /  The Loving Spoonful], She Wandered Through the Garden Fence [Brooker/Reid], Robert’s Box [Brooker/Reid], The Thin End of the Wedge [Brooker/Reid], Pilgrims Progress [Fisher/Reid], Wish me Well [Brooker/Reid], The Long Goodbye [Brooker/Fisher/Reid]

Pieces glimpsed but fragmentarily
Rule, Britannia! [Thomas Arne], Old Folks at Home [Stephen Foster], Within our House [Brooker/Reid]

Personnel (whether in the studio at 'Electric Garyland', or in the control-room)

Gary Celebre [USA] Bass, studio management
Marvin Chassman [USA] Drums, percussion
Linda Clare [UK] Spoons, percussion, singing
Roland Clare [UK] Piano, guitar, bass, singing, percussion
Brian D’Addario [USA] Guitar, singing
Michael D’Addario [USA] Drums, singing
Ronnie D’Addario [USA] Guitar, bass, drums, singing
Tito Davila [USA] Drums, percussion, singing
Don Milione [USA] Hammond organ, synth, sound effects
George Phipps [USA] Singing, piano, guitar
Bert Saraco [USA] Singing, drums, percussion
Carina Saraco [USA] Singing, flute
Kenny White Jr [USA] Guitar, lap-steel, bass



Good vibrations
Jenice Celebre [USA] Good vibrations
Lorraine Celebre [USA] Good vibrations, dancing, refreshments
Judy Davila [USA] Good vibrations, station announcements
John Ferrari [USA] Good vibrations
Evan Wagshul [USA] Good vibrations



titles altogether:


From Procol Harum


from Shine on Brightly


From A Salty Dog


From Home


from Broken Barricades


From Grand Hotel


From Exotic Birds and Fruit


from Procol's Ninth


From Something Magic


From The Prodigal Stranger


from The Well's on Fire




non-album tracks

2 Brooker solo items
The songs are not listed in playing order: no-one was keeping track. Each song is tallied once, even if played more than that.
If you were there and remember hearing any additional items, please send a message to

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