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Liquorice Jam Brooklyn, USA fans gather to play music

Tito's pictures (3) from 16 July 2015

Judging from the intensity of the expressions here, this was probably Theme from an Imaginary Western, the classic Jack Bruce / Pete Brown song that
sounded, in 1969, so very like an escaped Procol Harum performance. We dedicated this piece in particular to the memory of Dave Ball.

"O the dancing and the singing, O the music when they played
O the fires that they started, O the girls with no regret
Sometimes they found it, sometimes they kept it, often lost it on the way
Fought each other to possess it ... sometimes died in sight of day"

Marvin ventures some nautical FX

Ronnie with his SG sitting exactly where he sat a year ago during the rehearsals for In Held 'Twas NY suddenly struck up
George Harrison's All Things Must Pass and everyone joined in, including Kenny on lap-steel guitar. Lovely!

Maestro Davila, percussing

Most of what you see in this picture came in Don's car, along with the spare piano and an improbable abundance of cream cakes. A bun dance, in fact.
Underneath the big synth there's an echt Hammond

Got a souvenir of London (or a 'sylvan-ear', as it's pronounced in this region, apparently). Linda playing the spoons.
We played this one twice, once to cover substitution-time when the piano broke down

Fellow Travellers: as the picture shows, this also seemed heavily poignant in the circumstances

"This life is a journey from shadow to shadow
We are all fellow travellers to the end of the day"

Barnyard Story (take three, finally with substitute piano): very effective with twin voices. Bert broke away to
play drums during Kenny's guitar solo, then resumed his place at the mic to finish the singing

Marvin with drums, George with earplugs
 No causal connection, I'm sure

There's a fantastic pipe-organ preset on the Motif, which crowned Weisselklenzenacht very nicely,
and doubtless accounts for Don's Wagnerian demeanour in this picture

The end of the evening ... happy faces ... and kudos to this old dog, who does a very good job keeping Gary C in order.
Behind, Lorraine and (in her arms) a glimpse of little Anthony. Imperials not pictured

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