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Their 'mini-Redhill' gig in October 2014

Carlo 'Jack' Ponissi from the Italian band 'SormoRock' writes to BtP:

'Greetings, I'd like to send in the setlist for the SormoRock Reunion concert, as held on Saturday, 11 October, at the Magazzino Sul Po, Turin.

As Alberto, SormoRock original singer, was not well, Antonio supplied all the lead vocals, doing a great job, the exact lineup was:

Carlo "Jack" Ponissi, Hammond organ
Antonio Costa Barbé, vocals, piano on the first three songs
Cristina Ramat, piano and backing vocals
Mauro Roasio, lead guitar
Peter Schittek, bass guitar
Lorenzo Brunetti, drums
Alfredo Ponissi, saxes and flute.

The reformed band played for a solid two hours with much enthusiasm, surprisingly sounding like a well oiled unit notwistanding the changes in lineup, the time passed since the previuos italian gig (around 16 months) and the fact that no rehearsal with the complete band had been possible. Audience was a captive and very polite one (couldn't hear a pin drop during the breaks), well sounding audio recordings of the concert do exist and will be released in the future. The Magazzino is a quite big music club in the center of the town, it also has a peculiarity dark stage, we've been told from people in the audience that taking video footage and photos was almost impossible.

Band shot, right, taken shortly before the show just outside the venue.

Special thanks to Crumar and Max Tempia, who brought a Crumar Mojo organ to Turin for the occasion, also thanks to the people at Magazzino, who hosted SormoRock for the night. As the Magazzino have to stop live music at 24:00 there was no time left for encores. Feelings on and off stage were great and all the musicians involved would like to do a second reunion sooner or later, so, even if such event would be extremely difficult to organize, the idea is not completely out of the question.

Whisky Train

(with two guitar solos and an additional sax one).

The Question

(three verses, solos from piano, guitar, Hammond and sax, shorter coda with fade out ending)

The Dead Man's Dream




As Strong as Samson

(same "mixed" arrangement used in 2013 but with longer Hammond intro)

A Salty Dog


The Signature


(Very short break)


Wizard Man

(with sax solo on the coda, as in 2013)

Fires Wich Burnt Brighly

(with Cristina using a candle to light her score!)

Shine On Brightly

(with sax solo on a funky coda)

Bringing Home the Bacon

(longer than usual, with solos from guitar and sax and also trades as done by Procol since the 90s)

An Old English Dream


Pandora's Box

(Slidin' On The Sand version, but with guitar back to her place)


(starting with bass solo, one more round to accommodate a sax solo before the closing guitar one, modern ending)


(modern arrangement)

A Whiter Shade of Pale

(two verses, soloes from organ and sax).

SormoRock at BtP

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