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An Italian Procol tribute band

Gigs in September 2016

Carlo 'Jack' Ponissi writes to BtP:

I'd like to announce to all the Procol Harum fans about the world that, after a long hiatus, I'm back at playing the music of Procol Harum with a full band. This time I'm speaking about a double concert that will be held in Turin, Italy on September 23rd and 24th. A reunited SormoRock band will perform the music of Procol Harum in the spirit of the concerts held in the area between 2011 and 2013.

This time we'll be trying to stream the concerts on the web, something I've been toying with since the beginning of the year. If the streams work they will be accessible on my Mixlr page or on SormoRock's FaceBook one if we'll manage to do it with video.

Everything going well, fans from all over the world will be able to follow live a concert of Procol Harum music on 23 September from 21.00 Greenwich time and/or on the 24th from 19.15.

With much joy in going back to play the music of Procol Harum, this will be the lineup for these two concerts…

Piano and backing vocals – Cristina Ramat (original SormoRock member)
Drums – Lorenzo Brunetti (original SormoRock member)
Lead vocals – Stefano Alexander Di Puma (from the Berlin–based Spirit of SormoRock)
Bass guitar – Daniele Piglione (already performing PH in 2013 at the Galliate orchestral gig with Geoff Whitehorn)
Plus of course myself on Hammond organ … or rather on a state of the art Mojo, kindly offered by Crumar's own Max Tempia.

Featuring on saxes and flute – Alfredo Ponissi (as on our album and also often live in the past)

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March 2015

"Spirit of SormoRock" will play in a six–piece line–up, including guitar, at a theatre from the 1930s, its 300 seats now replaced by tables and couches, providing a more intimate atmosphere for live music. Setlist here

SormoRock played again on 16 May 2013 and on 25 April 2014; next up is a reunion with the original, Italian band, set to take place in Turin on Saturday, October 11, which will also feature a member of the Berlin based Spirit of SormoRock. 'I like to think of it as our own little Redhill,' writes 'Jack' Ponissi, 'as it will be a very special night, with almost everybody who ever played in the band, with a very ambitious repertoire and with little chances to be repeated in the foreseeable future, as a good half of the band no longer lives in Turin.'

Poster for the event at

Carlo 'Jack' Ponissi writes to 'Beyond the Pale':

On Sunday 18 September 2011 my band, "SormoRock", whose repertoire is mainly made of Procol Harum music, will be on stage for its first real concert. We will take part in the new rock festival of my home city, "San Mauro in Rock 1.0", along with other local bands. The concert will start at around 18 (GMT+2), since each band will play for about one hour we will be on stage after 20.
Of course that info will be useful only for the few (if any) readers that will be nearby next week, but something that's going to be of interest many others is this site, that is going to live stream the whole concert:
I'm not involved with the streaming, so I can't guarantee anything, but if it will work it will be possible to follow the concert while it happens from basically any location all around the world.

This is the list of the groups that will take part at the festival in the planned stage order:

Steel Rain (Rock/Progressive Metal/elettropop)
Outsiders (Cover Ramones)
SormoRock (Cover Procol Harum)
East Link (Cover U2)
I Pianeti di Bruno (italian pop)

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