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An Italian Procol tribute band in action • 25 May 2012

Carlo from the Italian band 'Sormorock' sends the following to BtP (May 2012)

Great show, notwithstanding the terrible weather (fire and brimstone!) that prevented the full house we expected. The place was far from full but wasn't empty: everyone had a good time and I guess that's the important point. Sormorock got a very good reaction (and not only for the usual AWSoP) from the crowd and the owner promised us a new gig in a month or so. The band played from 22.15 to 24.00, with a brief interval in the middle. My camera died while we were there, so there will be no video. We took the audio but not from the mixer, so I'm not sure about the quality of the recording and can't guarantee we'll ever publish anything on the net (but hope to do so). The place was quite echoey but the equipment was good (they even had a real piano) and the soundman was excellent: never played live with a better sound.
Carlo 'Jack' Ponissi – Hammond
Alberto Bodini – vocal
Cristina Ramat – piano / additional vocal
Marko Barbieri – bass
Lorenzo Brunetti – drums
Alfredo Ponissi – special guest on sax and flute

Shine on Brightly
She Wandered through the Garden Fence
Pandora's Box (piano solo in the middle, sax solo at the end, followed by Hammond)
On the Sand (an original composition played for the first time in September, now with revised piano and drums arrangements and with Hammond solo instead of sax at the end)
Repent Walpurgis (flute solo instead of guitar, symphonic part after the Bach prelude, solos from piano, Hammond and sax afterwards)
A Salty Dog (to absent friends but mostly to those friends who actually followed the band from Turin)


M Back (original composition, first time played publicly)
Happy Birthday to You (it actually was Alberto's birthday!)
Fires (Which Burnt Brightly)
As Strong As Samson
(for Douglas Adams: 25 May is also Towel Day. Many towels were on stage…)
A Whiter Shade of Pale
(with 'mermaid' verse and sax solo)


Green Onions (basically unrehearsed, with the local - actually quite good - soundman providing additional piano, Cristina and Jack playing a four handed Hammond)

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