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Quizzes for Christmas 2010

5 January 2011 (now closed)

Identify the one true statement in this line Seven Procol Harum song titles begin with words in brackets (thus); just one ends with words in brackets (thus) Procol Harum didn't let a bone-breaking prevent them playing a German spa town during a 2010 European foray The first chord of A Salty Dog imitates the sound made by the siren of a Swedish submarine
Solve the lyric-clue directly under the true statement How do a whole lot of people treat me, when I have the blues? (6) What kind of entertainment is no longer a joke? (6) What would I keep, constantly, when you laid you down to sleep? (5)

Useful resources: List of Procol Harum songs (from a previous puzzle) | BtP search engine | Words of all Procol Harum songs | Search 'Beyond the Pale' on Google

So that's all the clues ... what more do you have to do, to win?

It's not difficult: make a final check to ensure that you have the correct twelve words written down in front of you, one from each day's puzzle. Each word is the answer to the daily lyric-clue shown under the true statement in the upper row.

NOW ... write down the twelve letters that start the answer-words, and the twelve letters that conclude them (for example, if one of your words is 'Shalimar' you will write down 'S' (the starting letter) and 'R' (the concluding letter)).

Mix up the twenty-four resulting letters ... and rearrange them into a single line from a well-known Procol Harum song (for example, if the letters were 'AACDDEEEEIIKKKLMNNOORWXY', your answer might be 'worked like a Mexican donkey' from Memorial Drive. Or if you got 'AAADDEEEEFHHILNOPRRSTTUW', your answer might be 'turned a whiter shade of pale').

HELP ... half the words have a consonant midway; half are monosyllables; none are verbs; only one is a colour; and half use 40% of the available tally of vowels each. The words fit into the following grid, where + marks each space:

      +           +                   +              

In case of emergency, this may get you to a place of succour and support ...

The puzzle is now closed!

THEN ... we don't want you to send us the twenty-four letter line; we want you to send us the second word of the title of the song in which it is heard (so if the twenty-four letter line is, for example, 'Shove me in your steaming vat' [from Luskus Delph], send us the one word 'Delph'. If it's 'Tonight we dine at Hotel Ritz' [from Grand Hotel], send us the one word 'Hotel').

The only acceptable answer is a single word, so if you send us more than one word, your response will not go into the BtP Homburg.

BUT alongside that word, you will need to tell us the rank-order of prizes that you favour all nine letters, please! so your message will look something like "The one-word answer is [x] and my prize preferences are [DCGEAHIBF]". Send the message to, ideally by clicking this special link.

Make sure you read the instructions carefully. Good luck, and we hope this was an amusing way to end your Christmas!

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