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Al Hemberger

Al Hemberger (The Loft Recording Studios, 84 Kraft Avenue, Bronxville, NY 10708, 914-793-8206, FAX: 914-793-1418) is the co-owner of the Loft Studio, and writes thus to 'Beyond the Pale' about his involvement with The Prodigal Stranger and Procol Harum:

  • I have very fond memories of working with them. Some fun stories to be told and some funny quotes. We all played Tetris on the Nintendo game. Lots of fun! I am very proud of that album. I think it has great songs on it and I'm very proud of the fact that they came back here to mix it after trying out another studio for two weeks.

    Gary sat in with one of our bands, Macho Grande (The Berger Brothers with Chris Merola),  at Pete's (a local pub) one night. He got in a vocalizing war with Joe Virga, a local busker with a raspy growl of a voice, and almost Virga'd his voice away before coming in to sing the next day at The Loft.

    Mathew sat in with Bergers with Mayo at Pete's. That's myself (Al Hemberger) and brother Ted Hemberger (aka The Bergers) and Bob Mayo (hence Bergers with Mayo). We brought down an organ and a Leslie for it. The bar is tiny so we were all crammed in a corner. We set up the amps, set a chair up at the bar, put the organ on the bar, put a pint on top of the organ and put Matthew in front of the pile and had a great time all night.

    Gary also sat in with us somewhere else one snowy Thanksgiving eve. Two drummers, two bassists, two keyboards I think and too many singers. Great fun. I remember playing Hit The Road, Jack and especially Whiter Shade of Pale!

    One brief quote: we had a soda machine with Diet Coke, Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Caffeine Free Coke, Fresca, and Sprite in it (trying to please all the weight-watchers at the time). Matthew Fisher's comment: 'Is this place trying to specialize in drinks that people don't like?'

  • Loftish sites:

    The Loft /

    Bergers with Mayo

    The Renovators or (soon) new Renovators site

    Buy Bergers with Mayo CD

    Buy The Renovators CD

    The Renovators: conducting business at right is Bob Mayo; talking into wallet is Bob Rasero; coffee mugging is Ted Hemberger; just plain mugging at left is Al Hemberger, subject of this page.

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