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the Pale 

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... this one is from an old Norwegian folk-song ...

(GB, 1976)

If Procol Harum ever meant 'beyond these things', and if 'Pale' was ever the nickname of the greatest record of all time, then 'Beyond the Pale' is the natural title for this new (founded October 1997) cyber-celebration of the band and its music. Its web-ancestor, 'Shine on Brightly', was named after a great song from the group's first stable line-up: in naming this website we borrow the title of an equally fine offering from the second.

'Beyond the Pale' is the creation of Jens Anders Ravnaas and Roland Clare. Professionally Jens has worked in sales management and general management in the computer industry, a basketball team, garden center, landscaping company and in an auto dealership, but he is now running his own business consultancy company.  He has been board member or chairman  in several companies, sport clubs and other organisations. He has also for several years helped unemployed to get back to work. Roland is a freelance writer and editor. Both have been fervent Procoholics, boy and man: both are keen amateur musicians; both are eager to hear from anyone who has pictures or articles to contribute to this website.

The website is a truly international enterprise. Jens lives in Kristiansand, Norway; Roland lives in England; and the website was at first located on a Swedish webserver: thanks to Swedish Connection. From November 2000 BtP was moved to a new server in the USA. Both have served us well and are highly recommended. It is visited daily from numerous countries around the world, and has a similarly international range of contributors.

'Beyond the Pale' is in touch with the band, musicians, management and former players, but you'll have to look elsewhere if you want gossip or factional posturing. We are not beholden to Procol, nor in their pay, and strive to be neutral in contentious matters: everything presented on this enormous website (over 7,000 pages) is a part of the band's story and you, the reader, are welcome to make up your own mind about how it all fits together. Surf laterally by exploring the links on each page, and you will find great troves of unexpected material.

Finally, BtP is a non-commercial website whose primary intention is to reflect the continuing worldwide admiration for Procol Harum : the music and the people who make it. Shine On!

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