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Hollywood Bowl, 21 September 1973

The Concert Programme : writers and credits


The nucleus of Procol Harum is the songwriting team of Keith Reid and Gary Brooker, who began the group and held it together despite the hardships of personnel and management changeups, and the problems of immediate categorization and expectations in beginning a career with a hit single.

Reid's lyrics are more than songs, they venture into the area of the poetic. When asked about a song in an interview in the London Times, Keith replied, "It was based on a malapropism, something someone I heard said, and I just noted it and thought it would make a good song sometime. To me it all made sense." In an interview with Penny Valentine for Sounds he added, "I feel my writing is extremely melancholic - it's a very strong reflection of myself and I'm an extremely melancholy man."

But Reid's lyrics to such classics as Whiter, Salty Dog, and Conquistador, and Shine on Brightly, containing visions of vestal virgins and light fandangos and sailing crews are lifted off the ground by Brooker's piano and organ-oriented music, sometimes defined as sepulchral and definitely dramatic in scope, and his amazing vocals which build Reid's songs to grand climaxes.

Show Credits

Stage Management and Production by Chip Monck. Sound by Tycobrahe, mixed and controlled by Chris Thomas, aided by Dave Pelletier. Neupert Harpsichord courtesy Kasimoff Music Co.

Special thanks to Ernest Fleischmann whose artistic judgement and advice were invaluable. The group also would like to thank all of the technical staff and stage staff of the Bowl for their cooperation.

Magazine Credits

Photos by Neal Preston/Andrew Kent and by Carl Dunn. Published for Chrysalis Records, Inc., Derek Sutton, Vice President, by Medallion Souvenir Programs, Inc., Norman Marks, President, 8230 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. Art Direction: Irwin Germaine, Production: Amy/Wynne.


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