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Fly Fishing in Clear Waters (1987) • some dialogue

Produced / directed (and music) by Gary Brooker

Brief music at the start and at chapter links and a few minutes on the playout (synth, piano, percussion)

Hints of melodies from Gary Brooker’s second solo album – Lead me to the Water (the 'angler' one!)

Then a different tune for the final titles (“original score Bluebeard Music 1987”)

I am going to hand over today to Gary Brooker who is going to put into practice some of the ideas I’ve been put forward in this video. There indeed is one of Chalk Spring’s very large brown trout ... I wonder how Gary will get on with that one ... (discussion re deliberately wearing bright clothes for the video) “Right I’ll hand over to you Gary ... best of luck!”

Thanks Peter! After fly fishing for a few seasons from the banks of reservoirs, peaty or muddy lakes, where the water clarity was not so good, it was a real eye-opener when I first fished at Clear Water Fisheries. With the Polaroids on, you can for a start see if you are covering any fish; and if you haven’t spotted one to cast to, you’ll certainly see if one comes from the depths and shows an interest in your fly ... or not.

That fly’s been refused a few times, so let’s change the pattern. I find it helps if the fly’s of a visible colour ... or if you are going to use a dark pattern, try to get one with a bright head or a bright tail. It certainly helps me to see where my fly is in relation to the fish at any time.

Oh look at that! I was so engrossed, so busy tying in that mayfly securely, a big brown’s cruised right up the lake past me ...

I’ve met a few anglers who have expressed surprise after their first time in Clear Waters and they have seen what the trout are actually up to whilst they were thrashing around.

I’m sure I’m not the only one – the old ticker starts racing when these fish start chasing ... and if it’s a good size, it’s very hard to keep calm ... and do everything right.

That big fish was under the bank and it’s come out and had a look ... but he turned me down ... exciting though. There’s another one coming to have a look ... oh, now he’s turned off. Never mind, popping out again ... that’s better ... He’s seen it ... yeh and he’s turned and following ... old ticker’s going ... here he comes! ... OH GOT IT! ... OOO! ... Peter will be pleased ... pretty nice rainbow!

Aaa ... watch out for that weed ... oh he’s in there, but ... ah, not so bad ... a bit of Murphy’s Law that, I think (if there’s a problem around, bound to get stuck in it)

Incidentally, I’ve found these browns in this lake a lot less aggressive than the rainbow that we’ve got here, certainly on the day. You could put a fly in front of the brown’s nose and he’d totally ignore it.

I think the next time I’m out having a go for browns I’m going to try letting the brown trout find the fly all on its own, maybe leave it static, certainly try an unweighted and natural pattern. I’ll ask Peter what he thinks ...

I love all types of fly fishing – reservoir boat, on a river, if you’re lucky enough to get on a good stretch. These smaller, still waters certainly provide a lot of anglers with some good sport. Clear Waters certainly I’ve found a day full of chases, missed takes, can be just as exciting as successfully matching a hatch somewhere or a bag-full in a couple of hours.

Today these fish were pretty interested. We have got a nice fish here to take home for the barbecue ... there we are ... a successful and pleasant day out.”

Found and transcribed by Charlie Allison ... thanks, Charlie 

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