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Shine On - The Best of the Whalers

Artist profile: Stephen 'Doc' Wallace (Australia)

A Salty Dog (Brooker-Reid) 4:18 and A Dream In Every Home (Brooker-Fisher-Reid) 2:52

'Sadly I did the lot over one week last year when I was just so busy and so the result is very messy I'm afraid. I so much wanted to be part of the project I simply pushed other things aside, but could not justify any more redoing at that time.

'Well as you can probably guess, it is a solo effort and despite the fact that I used to be able to hack out most of those instruments inoffensively, I have lost a bit over the years (unlike Gazza). I was at least happy that I tried to bring some of (espec BJ's) spirit into my drumming. The problems were lack of time and talent - a fatal mixture.

'My desire was to participate in the wonderful project without trying (vainly) to sound like the great men, (despite the enormous and pervading influence over all my music - I think I reek of PH influences personally!). So the whole job was pretty inadequate when I now listen to it, but I should perhaps be more forgiving due to the circumstances. (PS: ASD is a personal favourite of mine and amazingly one of the guests at the Coppings (who had known of my track on the Palers CD ) suggested I sang it with Gazza on the piano. It was really funny, as I hadn't prepared for such an opportunity. But I wasn't going to pass up such a chance. So I got to verse 3 before v2 and Gazza chided me and came in, and we ended up doing this duet.

'Dream is a family favourite and I nearly got my daughters to sing the chorus with me, as they sing it at home, but they might have been just a little too young. The treatment is just a silly 'beaty' Fine Young Cannibals idea, poorly executed! I ran out of tracks and voice and mixed the drums up too loud, but I simply tried for another feel ... Hope Gazza doesn't hate it too much ...

I did them in February 1999 on a Roland HD digital 8 at home in my music room (formely a home studio). I would dearly love to do more. Your idea (last year) of a Palers' performance really attracted me. let's talk more about this.

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