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Rhythm Kings: tight as a duck's ***

Bristol, Colston Hall, 2 July 2000

Joe Reevy writes to BtP:

What a night it was for Procol fans, and fans of the many other star performers of Bill Wyman's 11-piece (and tight as a duck's ***) band!

With a lineup having not only Gary Brooker, but Georgie (of the famous "brown voice" ) Fame, and guitarists Albert Lee and Martin Taylor, (respectively one of the world's top session players and the guitarist generally regarded as being top of the super-league of Jazz players) the night could hardly fail to be something special and it did not disappoint!

Although GB couldn't remember if he had ever played the Colston Hall (you have, Gary, I was there ...1974 or thereabouts), and the hall was only 2/3rds full (the small matter of France v Italy being on at the same time), it was a superb evening and the crowd LOVED it!

The range of music played was broad, from jive to straight-ahead rock and roll, so there was something there for everyone ... conversely, it would be remarkable for everyone there to have liked everything, and everything was played with a professionalism and good humour (I never realized Bill Wyman was funny!), and Gary's adding odd bars of "Grand Hotel" and other PH tracks in his playing.

Highlights of the evening were many:

I would recommend an evening with the Rhythm Kings to anyone who likes 20th century music, it is that simple. I took a dyed-in-the-wool rock and roll and blues fan, and he was won over in minutes.

They are absolutely brilliant, and it is a real testimony to someone that they get a group of such very able and high-profile musicians together and they seem to be having the time of their lives while giving such joy to the audience.

Well done lads ... see you next time (can you tell me know now please, so I can make sure my diary is kept free!).


Thanks to Joe, among whose professional web-sites (Best Practice, Lawzone and soon Words for Business) is the very excellent and useful Musicians' Gear-Finder which., as the name suggests, allows you to get hold of the piece of musical kit you are looking for by circulating your requirements to suppliers all over the world: this is probably a service that lots of practising Palers will find useful.

Lots more pictures of this gig may be found by clicking here

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