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The focal point of the punk movement, popularly credited with killing off dinosaurs such as Procol Harum.

Their burst of chart success in large part due to sometime Procol producer Chris Thomas. Procol Harum roadies saved the harmless DJ Bob Harris (still playing Procol Harum on the radio) from a physical attack by a Sex Pistols contingent in a London club in 1976

See also Bob Harris's 2015 memoir, excerpted in The Daily Telegraph

Barefoot 60s UK hit singer and Eurovision winner who later revived career via association with the Smiths. Now acts as a therapist to musical performers.

The Paramounts became her backing group when their career petered out. Her autobiography contains many amusing tales of this time [not yet extracted at BtP: please send!]. Not known if there are any studio recordings of this combination. She duetted with Gary on the song Lemon Tree during live shows.

Some April Fool nonsense about Sandie and Procol here

Duettist with Gary on Dutch hit version of Two Fools in Love from his solo album.


Britain's most convincing white soul singer whose career had a profound lacuna until revived by association with the Pet Shop Boys.

Apparently the target for one of Brooker-Reid's earliest compositions [I Realise ... not released until the advent of the Procol Harum re-issue on Salvo Records. Played live by Gary Brooker and friends at Procol Rarum in 2007].

GB could have joined her band ... he 'nearly gave up a career in music to join IBM Dusty Springfield's backing group The Echoes beckoned also, but a chance meeting in 1966 with lyricist Keith Reid led to the formation of Procol Harum.'

Went from supporting Procol in 1970 to headlining over them in 1977.

Drummer Bob Siebenberg praised BJW. A band of apparent Procol influences, although hard to find explicit admission of this.

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