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Sam Cameron's Procolpaedia


Singer-actress and occasional nudist.

One of the few other acts to have a big hit with references to virgins in it. Appeared in film of Lloyd-Webber musical Evita in which GB had a small role singing on a song about her character.

Anarcho-punk group from Leeds, UK who later moved in a country direction.

Surprisingly two of their members have delivered country covers of Homburg. Jon Langford only in concert [which he has been known to dedicate to Keith Reid] but Sally Timms did a studio version on her album In the Land of Milk and Honey.

Initially a pop group from the West Midlands of the UK. Huge in the 70s amongst people looking for the meaning of life without having to look too hard. Pioneers of rock with symphony orchestra added.

Like The Band but even more so, a dividing line for fans. Some hate the Moodies and some love them. In 1971 GB said he "quite liked them" whilst Matthew Fisher has, in contrast, a profound distaste. Non-cognoscenti are apt to get confused and think that Procol recorded Nights in White Satin and the MBs A Whiter Shade of Pale, a matter not helped by Moody Justin Hayward covering the latter song. It has been suggested that Keith Reid may have been trying to get them to put music to the words of the very same song before Procol Harum started.

Nineteen-seventies hit single band broken by David Bowie's giving them the song All the Young Dudes.

Svengali Guy Stevens's next big discovery after Procol Harum. Lead singer Ian Hunter once came home upset from a Procol gig, whilst still a factory worker, because they did not play A Whiter Shade of Pale.

USA heavy rock analogue to Cream.

According to Claes Johansen the two bands played together in a studio in the 1960s. Mountain guitarist Leslie West, a veritable man mountain, released a cover of Whisky Train.

Fellow-borrowers of classics [1812 overture] for chart success and also on the Regal Zonophone label. Gary Brooker and Matthew Fisher are supposedly on a Move record [but we can't hear them]. Gary shared stage with Roy Wood in the December 1995 benefit for Bosnia.

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