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Procol Harum in Europe, 1999

Rumours refuted

Most Procol Harum fans will have been aware of the rumours that the band were to play in Europe in the summer, which were started by the premature release on to the web of details of a Polish festival engagement for which a contract had not even been issued.

We hope that all Palers will understand why 'Beyond the Pale' didn't want to answer any questions, or make any observations either way, until Gary and Co had inked the paper. Sadly we must now publish the following statement from Gary's office, which reports that the projected engagements, which were to have featured Matthew Fisher on Hammond, will not now take place.

There has recently been much speculation following news on the Pollstar website that Procol Harum will be playing in Poland on 10th July.

The band were in fact offered this date, with a promise of others in Europe at around the same time, but unfortunately the negotiations have broken down from the promoter's side and, sadly, all plans have been abandoned.

Gary and the band would like to stress that this was not due to any unwillingness on their part to re-form and play gigs.

Let us hope that it will not be too long before we see the band out on the road again when the right opportunities arise.

Be assured that 'Beyond the Pale' will continue to do everything possible to present Gary and co with evidence of the fans' continuing commitment to the band. We know, for instance, that the fans' petition, which he was given at Guildford, was among the factors in play when Gary was putting together the projected 1999 line-up.

If you want to see the band on the road again, please add a message to our forum entitled Still There'll Be More. A torrent of contributions might well be an encouragement to the musicians after the present disappointment.

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