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From Pam Quinn's scrapbook

Three Paramounts beat the clock

Hilarious stunts involving three Paramounts and some flirtatious, jolly maidens.

'S'easy as falling off a log,' said I as we did a snappy twist and shake session.

'You look kinda funny seen through a red balloon,' said Gary. Lucky for him [sic!] I kept my hands behind my back

'Playing Beat the Clock Games is easy,' said the Ed. But she had the book giving all the answers! Still it was nice standing back to back with Gary Brooker of the Paramounts.

The idea was to twist round with the balloon till we were face to face. Easy does it!

We finished in eight seconds flat. So to prove we really did deserve the jackpot we did the game again. Pity, 'cos the balloon stuck to my newly lacquered hairdo

Carol here – Barrie Wilson and I played balancing cups on one tennis racket [sic] and bouncing a balloon on the other. I mean, what else is there to do with tennis rackets?

Dead simple. Why all the fuss … ten seconds down and five to go and we'll have a prize.

I was in a fool's paradise, wasn’t' I? Stop the clock – we'll start again.

All that’s needed is a sense of balance. Anyone got a spare sense of balance?

Five hours later … we may not have beaten the clock … but we got a consolation prize. A bill for the broken cups and saucers.

Diz Derrick, the tallest Paramount, got stuck with me, Shrimp Sylvia. We had to walk between ropes and tun cups without touching the cups. Oh, they blindfolded us, of course.

We did it in 15 seconds flat – pretty good. And I got a kiss from Diz as a reward.

'That was a fluke,' the FAB gang said. 'Do it again.' So we did. Only this time, unknown to use, they'd taken away the cups. They would.

This time we beat the clock even more easily – but we wondered why everyone was giggling

We found out when we took off our blindfolds and saw those cups – not there. 'Oh FAB!' Diz said, and they were my sentiments exactly. Our prize? A record of Keith singing Twist and Shout. We threw it at him.

Frans Steensma adds:
When I showed these game pages to Gary and Bill Wyman (October 1998), GB definitely remembered this hilarious session. It was published in Fabulous (6 June 1964). I don't know why Pam didn't keep Rob's part but he did play a game too: 'Flippers and Balloons'. Rob had to get a couple of balloons in a box with his feet while wearing flippers. One of the notes said: 'Rob positively flipped when he got the first one in ...' (more from Frans here)

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