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Procol Harum tour tee-shirts 2020 for the Cognoscenti

Last day, Monday 13 July Special offer for fans Support the band !

So the Covid crisis has laid waste the 2020 Procol Harum tour, including the fantastic convention weekend that fans all over the world were looking forward to so much. It turns out that the team made the right decision, postponing the events planned for 4 and 5 July ... at the time of writing, the selective easing of lockdown in the UK has not included any concession for music events or large social gatherings, and hotels remain closed.

But there is one treat in the pipeline over which the virus can exert no control. Following a quick enquiry from website to management, 'Beyond the Pale' is able to offer a limited-period offer of the hitherto-unseen 2020 tour tee-shirts that were designed for release in January and for obvious reasons have yet to be offered for sale anywhere.

Procol Harum have kindly agreed to release all the existing stock a small edition prepared for the January gig at a special price, exclusively through this website, between Monday 29 June and Monday 13 July in other words, during the period fans would have been travelling to London, and home again, for 'Beyond the Deep'.

The shirts are offered in three remaining sizes Medium, Large, XL subject to availability. There were two colours, but the white shirts, and the XXL blacks, sold out very rapidly. The shirts are printed both sides, one with the band name and a very groovy motif, and the other side, again with the band name, listing concerts which and this is the Unique Selling Point! never happened.

Black shirts, front and back : 13 GBP  (+ packing and postage from the UK)

Please read all the instructions carefully. They're here to help you!

You'll see two coloured panels or buttons, below this white box. They're black, and red.

On top of each one is a little white panel with a word (eg Medium or XL) and a small arrow.

Click the arrow, when you get to the real boxes further down the page, and the choices will appear as shown
in this non-working example ... other sizes, or other mailing possibilities:

For a shirt, choose the size you want, then click the black panel ...
... then you can enter the quantity (eg 6 XL, or 2 Large, or 1 Medium).

You MUST use the red button when finalising your order. That's where you add the cost of postage and packing.

Choose one of  'Post to UK' / 'Post to Europe' / 'Post to rest of world'

Obviously, you must pay for postage or the order cannot be fulfilled.

Now ... move down the page and you'll find the working buttons, where you place your actual order ...

NB Each time you press one of the buttons below, you'll be taken to the PayPal site.
To get back to this 'Beyond the Pale' page, use the 'continue shopping' link at the top right of the PayPal page
If you're buying two shirts, you won't want to pay two doses of postage, so just modify the 'postage quantity'
in your online shopping basket ... to one (1).

(If ordering more than three shirts, mail to get the best postage price)

So these two are the proper ordering-buttons!

Select your postage area, then press the button

 At check-out you'll pay either with your credit-card, or a PayPal account if you have one

Please enter all details carefully: size, quantity, address ... and choose the right postal delivery rates on the red button

You're welcome to choose various size combinations: no limit per person

These rare tee-shirts are available strictly on a first-come first-served basis.

Note that they will be despatched, from Bristol UK, after the whole offer closes

'Beyond the Pale' collects your payment, but we don't see your card number etc.

Once postage, packing, and currency commissions are covered, all proceeds
go direct to Procol management ... nice to support the band
during this dispiriting period when they cannot work


To summarise
Shirts available from this page, and nowhere else. First come, first served.

Offer opens Monday 29 June and closes end of Monday 13 July.

Pay with your credit-card, or PayPal account, by clicking the button above, on this page.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             (thanks, Barry)

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