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Aftershow drinks at The London Palladium

For you-plus-one • Tuesday 9 October 2018

Procol manager Chris Cooke has kindly invited a fixed number of BtP readers to come to Procol Harum's post-show party in the London Palladium, joining the band's guests, family and friends.  There will also be a gathering in a nearby pub at the same time (details to follow).

We have ten pairs of party-passes for the special Palladium event. They will be allocated to winners by a special method, to which you can subscribe as follows.

You-plus-one can buy a chance – to mingle, buy drinks at the cash bar, and enjoy the fab ambience – by paying 6 USD to this appeal fund (which supports the widow of our late friend, the arch-Procoholic Allen ‘One-Eye’ Edelist).


6 USD buys you one chance, and puts your name into the BtP Homburg; if it's one of the names we draw from the hat on Friday 5 October, you're entitled to two party-passes for the aftershow celebration (photos of venue above).

These party-passes will be stick-on badges, which you can collect from the Procol merchandise stall at the Palladium show, and which you’ll need to wear to gain entry to the Palladium bar after the concert.

You can buy as many chances as you like. So a donation of 24 USD will get you four chances. 102 USD buys you 17 … etc etc. But to keep things fair nobody will win more than twice (in other words, nobody will end up with more than four party-passes).

Please remember that, even if you don’t win, your money is going to a very worthwhile cause. And you will still be able to go to the gathering in a nearby pub (details soon) which we are in the process of finalising.

When you've made your contribution to the Edelist appeal fund, send us an e-mail (to to tell us how many chances you've bought (we'll go to the Edelist fund-page to confirm).

ONLY when you've done two thingsmade your donation online, and sent us the corresponding e-mail message – shall we put your name in the hat. (So don't make the donation anonymously!)

We shall close this offer at midday GMT on Friday 5 October and, having drawn names from the hat, notify the winning participants by e-mail (that's why we need you to write to us, as well as making the donation). Each winner will have an individual password, which must be quoted in order to collect the party-passes on the night of the show.

CLICK HERE, and make your donation. For every 6 USD you subscribe, you'll own one chance that could win two party-passes to Procol Harum's own aftershow celebration.

(Why are we going to all this trouble? To put a bit of fun into a process where lots of people are keenly competing for a relatively small number of places;
and because we're confident everyone will feel good about making a modest donation whereby we can cumulatively help a friend in need.
Please note that 'Beyond the Pale' doesn't at any point handle your money: everything goes to the Edelist fund.
Donations made before 14 September don't count towards this promotion ... but thanks!)



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