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Mary's Miscellany (4)

Procol images from BtP and other sources, with new commentaries and captions by Mary Roussey

Gary Brooker – one old song; a thousand old memories.

Photo by Rowland Scherman Photographs showing (L-R) BJ, Keith, Gary and Alan.


Photo as shown on Society of Rock page – see here

This photo was found on the music trade page of “Pink Robert.”  I found the photograph interesting in that the piano initially appeared to be on its side with the underside visible.

Gary Brooker at Barbarella (a club) in Vaxjo, Sweden in 1972.  Photo found in Smalands music archive site.

Medicine.  Delivered in the most divine way.

Gary as shown on the Lust for Life site.  Has there ever been another with a more superb, brilliant, soul-touching voice?

I can’t read the fine-print on this newspaper article, but it appears to announce that Procol Harum was to appear on the King Biscuit Flower Hour. 
The show débuted on FM stations in the US in February 1973 and featured recorded concerts and interviews with rock’s biggest stars. 
During its prime, the program was carried by more than 300 radio stations throughout the US.  The show’s name was derived from
the influential blues radio show King Biscuit Time
, which was sponsored by the King Biscuit Flour Co., combined with the hippie phrase “flower power.”

 I found this photo on a site called ‘umdrinknoinferno’ which may, or may not, have something to do with the TV series From Dusk to Dawn
I don’t watch From Dusk to Dawn so I have no idea why I visited this site.  Please no questions about how I came to that site
or why there was a picture of Gary Brooker found there! (See here)

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