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Mary's Miscellany (26)

Procol images from BtP and other sources, with new commentaries and captions by Mary Roussey

Perhaps a cross between Keith Moon and Dino Danelli

You came into this world with a specific destiny. You had something to fulfil, a message to be delivered, some work to be completed.
You were not here accidentally you were here meaningfully. There was purpose behind you. Rest in peace, dear Barrie

Chris Copping lives in Australia with his wife Vicki, where he mainly brews beer, plays music, and reads ... and reads ... and reads

Fun fact about Dave Ball: he and his two brothers all got mumps at the same time and would sit on the roof
of their shed trying to outdo one another on the proportions of their enlarged glands!

Claude Monet paints pictures on canvas. Gary Brooker paints pictures on silence (Union Chapel 2003)

 The words make you think. His music makes you feel. His songs makes you feel your thoughts (Union Chapel 2003)

Gary's music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for his music (Union Chapel 2003)

Is it the sound of elation ... or amusement ... or gaiety emanating from Geoff Whitehorn and Matt Pegg? (Union Chapel 2003)
Whatever the cause, the effect is endearing
[note George W Bush, near GW's left elbow]

Fun fact: when David Knights went into artist management in the late 70s,
overseeing and maintaining producers and performers, one of his clients
was Dennis Weinreich who later became the producer of Novum!


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