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Mary's Miscellany (25)

Procol images from BtP and other sources, with new commentaries and captions by Mary Roussey

Procol Harum at the Atlantic City Pop Festival in the beginning of August 1969, two weeks before the Woodstock Festival. 
A ticket for the entire three-day weekend, to see all performers, was $15.00!

Robin Trower and Matthew Fisher on stage at Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen, in 1967.  The monochrome photo displays
awesome tonal range and creates great visual interest (imho).  Such seriousness on the part of Maf!
Probably none too pleased about the collar on his shirt (or his shirt in general)!

Dave Knights, Ray Royer, Gary Brooker, Matthew Fisher and Bobby Harrison ... as it was in the beginning ...

Ray Royer, Gary Brooker, Dave Knights, Matthew Fisher and Bobby Harrison.  God planted greatness in these guys.  This was the beginning of a great adventure as they stepped into the gifts they were given


Rear:  Gary Brooker and Chris Copping.  Front:  Dave Ball, Keith Reid, Alan Cartwright, and BJ Wilson - an evolving musical force.  I think perhaps this was from a Chrysalis photo shoot in Japan in 1972

Robin Trower on his distinctive, soulful guitar

 Matt Pegg appearing very pensive

Mick Grabham, Alan Cartwright, Gary Brooker and Chris Copping they are the music while the music lasts

Gary Brooker and Geoff Whitehorn performing poetry of the air

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