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Festivities at Winterbach, Germany

Wednesday and Thursday • 22 and 23 July 2015

Procol Harum play the Winterbach Zeltspektakel on 23 July 2015. Tickets are selling fast so make sure you book yours now. The other bands at the festival are Status Quo, Patti Smith and Jethro Tull.

This page is about the Fans’ Festivities – Through the Garden Fence, or Durch den Gartenzaun – scroll down for two booking links, one for the party, one for the bus to the gig.
All this is organised by the same team that made Gary Brooker’s birthday party in Freising  (29 May 2014) such a memorable success.

Wednesday 22 July 2015, 7 pm • The Garden Party - SOLD OUT

This will be held in the house and garden of Paul Köhrer and Marion Götz, who live in Botnang, Stuttgart, and therefore close also to Winterbach where the gig is.

The attractions: Two kinds of prize-winning Procol home-brewed beers (from Stuttgart, and from Kildare in Ireland)
  Other speciality beers, wine, and soft drinks

Delicious barbecue, with dedicated chef

  Special menu for vegetarians
  Fish option for those who do not eat meat
  Music videos in home cinema
  Most important of all: the company of fellow Procol fans from many countries!
One ticket covers all of the above attractions, for 30 Euros per person. This is priced to cover costs, not to make profit.
Of course this doesn’t include the Procol concert. For that you need a separate ticket.  

      SOLD OUT!

(Capacity is fixed; first-come, first served)

Staying in Stuttgart

The party takes place about fifteen minutes away from the recommended hotel. Train and bus connections are excellent:
• to reach the party from the hotel (leaving from Stuttgart's main station) will take 23 minutes by train and bus, at a cost of 2.80 Euros each way.
• a shared taxi will take four people the same journey for about 23 Euros.

Our recommended hotel is Motel One , which is just 200m from Stuttgart's main railway station. From there you have a direct connection to the airport, and access to trains and buses.

Lautenschlagerstraße 14
70173 Stuttgart
Phone : +49/711/ 30 02 09-0
Fax : +49/711/ 30 02 09-10

The hotel is in the centre of Stuttgart, with bars, cafés and restaurants nearby. The Schlossplatz – the heart of Stuttgart – is 500m away.
The hotel bar is open round the clock.

Do not book through BtP this time: make your own arrangements with the hotel. UPDATE 24. April: All rooms for 22. July appears to be sold out.

Until May 1st, BtP have a block booking of 10 rooms available.  If you wish to book one of these, send a mail to with your arrival day and departure day and number of persons in the room. BtP will forward a list of names to the hotel, and the hotel will contact each of you to confirm your booking. We must release the rooms on 1. May, and we only have ten rooms. When they are gone, they are gone.

Visiting Stuttgart 

Click here for excellent information.

We will send you more good hints, and the street address of the party, when you book.

For those who want to stay over for a few days and explore this very interesting city and its surroundings, Paul and Marion (naturally they speak fluent English as well as their native German!) promise you excellent local support, recommending ten different attractions and recreations of the area.

Getting to the gig on Thursday 23 July

There are many reasons NOT to take your own car to the gig: the main one is that German drink-driving laws are extremely strict, and you'd be in trouble even after a single beer. There is also quite a walk from the car park to the Festival.

To solve these problems, BtP will provide a bus shuttle from Motel One in Stuttgart, to Winterbach, and back after the show.
The bus, or charabanc, will leave at 4pm
, from a spot 50m from the hotel.

The return bus trip will cost 15 Euros.

We're earmarking a suitable number of seats for BtP bus users in the beer garden at Winterbach Zeltspektakel for two hours before the show. All being well we shall be able to sit in comfort and chat with friends before Procol Harum play (limited to 45 persons)

To reserve your place(s) and pay by PayPal, click the graphic.
Of course this doesn’t include the Procol concert. For that you need a separate ticket.

(Capacity is fixed; first-come, first served)

Note: if your browser shows the PayPal page in Norwegian, use the following graphic to work out what the unfamiliar words mean:

We look forward to seeing everyone, and to having an excellent time over these two days thanks to our local hosts and organisers, Marion and Paul.

Procol dates in 2015

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