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Basecamp Hotel for Wuppertal Concerts and Conventions

Near the top of the picture, the Arcadia Hotel. Click here to book your discounted room

The huge advantage of this hotel is its location: this photograph was taken from the front door of the hotel (with an ordinary lens), and the
imposing building behind the tree on the left is the venue for the Procol Harum concert. This means that you will have only about a
90-second walk to get from the comfort of your hotel to the excitement of the gig

Looking the other way, from the balcony at the back of the hotel, one has a fantastic view over the Wupper valley ...

... clean, green and very pleasant indeed.

Three representatives of 'Beyond the Pale' in the hotel foyer (just outside the door you can faintly see the glass
pyramid that features in the second photograph on this page: that's how close the hotel is to the concert hall)

A reassuring note from the management

The hotel has a small bar (but this will not be a problem: 'Beyond the Pale' has made the necessary arrangements!)

And the small bar has a pleasant terrace

Hanging in one of the dining areas, a 'constant reminder' of Wuppertal's world-famous upside-down railway

This is where you will find break fast

And this is the sort of room in which you will sleep: singles, doubles, and twin beds are all available at the BtP discounted rate

For those who like to wash, alles in Ordnung

The amenities are much as you would expect in a modern European hotel

Another bed shot

The suites are not enormous, but they are certainly large enough for many people to move about comfortably

The lobby area characteristically spacious

Looking down into the foyer

A photograph that pays slightly tepid homage to MC Escher

Right next to the hotel, the swimming pool, which is useful unless you can 'see no point in diving in'

Looking up the incline towards the hotel from the back

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