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Basecamp Hotel Wuppertal • booking is now closed (February 2013)

Basecamp hotel
'Beyond the Pale' has arranged excellent discounted prices at the Arcadia Hotel in Wuppertal. It is a comfortable, sensibly-priced hotel, of the same excellent standard that fans have enjoyed at BtP's many previous conventions. By all staying together in one place, fans will have a lot of fun and make many Procoloid friends, as well as saving money by sharing taxis etc if required. Look at the pictures here.

Arcadia has offered us the following prices, if booked through 'Beyond the Pale' (see below for how this works):

79 Euros for a single room
95 Euros for a double room or a twin room
(= 47.5 Euros per person)

These are prices per room per night, and they include service, and taxes, and a 16-Euro breakfast.

Self-payment on departure. BtP doesn't handle your money: your contract is directly with the hotel, not with us (see more below).

The Arcadia Hotel is central, right by the Stadthalle (Auf dem Johannisberg). It's a few minutes' walk from the main station on the famous upside-down monorail, the Schwebebahn, ensuring good communications throughout Wuppertal. The museums and shopping centres aren't far away, and you can walk to the Arts Quarter, the Luisenstrasse – with its ice-cream parlours, superb Turkish cuisine, its luthier, and many more attractions.

The 130 rooms are comfortable, each with en-suite bathrooms, WLAN and air-conditioning; the bar – which has an outdoor veranda – commands a fine view over Wuppertal. Secure and convenient, the underground car park is close by, as are the sundry saunas, the pool and indeed the fitness room of the 'Schwimmoper' swimming centre that is right next door (see illustration)

Why choose Arcadia?
You may of course manage to locate a cheaper hotel in Wuppertal, but you won't find a more convenient one (see picture, right). The BtP team travelled to Wuppertal from the UK and Norway to assess possibilities – photographs here –  and the advantages of Arcadia are overwhelming. It is of a high standard; English is fluently spoken, along with German, of course; it's quiet, and has a great view; it is ninety seconds' walk from where Procol Harum are playing; it is short train-trip to the Palers' Band daily rehearsals; and we are providing 'bus transport (included in your Convention booking) from this hotel to the Live Club Barmen where the Saturday events of 'Echoes in the Night' take place. So we don't recommend you to waste much time looking elsewhere.

'Echoes in the Night'
This is the six-day Procol Harum celebration, to which fans are coming from all over the world. The booking-page is here

The first four days (Monday–Thursday, 1–4 April 2013) are for people who want to rehearse and play Procol music with the Palers' Band (sign up here). All instruments and amplification will be supplied; we have secured a suitable rehearsal studio (thanks, Rainer) , close to shops and eateries, and shall be moving to a fine club stage on Friday 5 April in order to set up and soundcheck for Saturday's performances.

The final two days (Friday 5 and Saturday 6 April) both involve hearing Procol Harum's orchestral gigs at the Stadthalle in Wuppertal in the evenings (such a brief walk from Basecamp Hotel); after the Friday show there's an elegant buffet reception in the Stadthalle; before the Saturday show there is the Palers' Party (meal, music and more); and after the second Procol show comes the End-of Tour Celebration. Procol themselves are of course at the top of the guest list for both nights.

How to book your hotel rooms
The excellent hotel prices (above) are available only to BtP, so ... let webmaster Jens make your initial booking for you, as we have done in previous years with great success. Jens will add your name(s) to our list of customers and send this to the hotel so that they are expecting you. You will receive an e-mail confirmation from BtP (but confirmations are not sent out on a daily basis, so please be patient).

Booking is now closed
Click this dedicated link to send your hotel booking
to webmaster Jens at 'Beyond the Pale'. State the name(s) of the guests, their arrival date, the total number of nights they are staying, and whether they want a single, double or twin room. It's possible to reserve a room where smoking is permitted: mention if you would like this option.

Don't send any money now, and please don't tell BtP your credit-card number. You will pay the hotel when you get to Wuppertal.

Small print
By sending your Arcadia booking via BtP, you're agreeing to meet the hotel's conditions yourself. Specially note that, if you cancel after 1 March 2013, BtP is not able or willing to pay any lost-booking penalty for your room!

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