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Procol Harum, chorus and orchestra Copenhagen, Denmark

Saturday 15 January 2011 coda

Among the many readers who were kind enough to report to 'Beyond the Pale' team that they'd enjoyed our report on Procol Harum's choral/orchestral show in Copenhagen on 15 January was one that shed further light on the proclivities of the Finnish blonde whose orgasmic gyrations during Whaling Stories and Conquistador we had noted. Lest anybody thinks we were exaggerating, read on ...

Sometimes this mobile friend of ours causes us somewhat annoying situations and we often wish that there was something with which to tie her tightly on the chair to keep her still for a moment in concerts. Yet there are also bright sides in her vividness, like on Friday 4 February this year. We both had taken the day off from work and decided to dedicate the whole day for a real quality time by watching Procol Harum's Live at Union Chapel DVD at my home. Knowing how vivid Sinttu is, I arranged her to sit on a very stable armchair (to be on the safe side). We both concentrated on the music for hours (and to be honest it turned out to be a two days musical session).

Every now and then I took a glance at Sinttu when she was fully fascinated by Geoff Whitehorn's guitar solo and she was still steadily sitting on the chair but the next second she suddenly sat on the floor with the armchair upside down on her back, but neither did she notice nor paid any attention to this incident just kept on tremendously enjoying Geoff's guitar. This all looked so funny and comical that I bursted out laughing loud and it was only then she realised that something odd was going on.

"A crazy chair," she said, put the chair back on the floor and sat on it as if nothing had happened. What a devotion for Procol Harum's music!

Sinttu sends all her love to you with lots of kisses and hugs!

Thanks, Pirjo!

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