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Procol Leamington 31 October 2010 competition

Your name(s) on the guestlist! (now closed)

The competition (below) attracted a good number of entries, all of which were correct perhaps unsurprisingly since (a) the questions were deliberately extremely easy to answer and (b) the correct letters B, D, I were adumbrated in the instruction to 'keep a beady eye on this page'!

Out of the hat (thanks, Bertha) came the name of Bill Roberts, from the town of Gillingham (not the one in Dorset or Norfolk). We'll be in touch soon with Royal Leamington Spa, and an agreed password will ensure that the real winner and his consort, rather than scoundrels adopting his name, get guest-list admittance to this eagerly-awaited show!

Well done Bill, and commiserations to all the other entrants, whose names are too numerous to list here: we hope you'll all get tickets anyway and enjoy a great show. Thanks once again to Chris, at the venue, for this generous promotion.

The lucky winner in this prize competition will have his or her name and a friend's added to the guestlist for
this highly promising Procol Harum solo gig (thus saving the price of two tickets). It's the band's only UK show this year, and their first show in this country since BtP booked them for the Fortieth Anniversary Celebrations in July 2007.

Before you enter the competition,
check the stunning venue to see if driving, train or coach to Royal Leamington Spa will suit you best then e-mail your answer to 'Beyond the Pale' using this special link (thanks, Chris, at The Assembly!)


All you have to do is answer these very simple questions. Your response will consist of three letters of the alphabet, the letters that (in your judgment) correspond to the most accurate answers available.


You can click on the underlined words in each question to get a clue.

Question 1

What is the name of the forthcoming
Procol Harum download-only live album?

A Spirit of St Louis
B Spirit of Nkken
C Spirit of Turpentine

Question 2

What's the interval (inclusive) between the coming show
and the previous full concert Procol gave in their home country?

D 1,200 days
E 120 months
F 12 years

Question 3

For fans flying in for this gig, which
is the most useful airport to head for? 

G Borchester International Airport
H Leamington International Airport
I Birmingham International Airport

All the correct responses will go into the BtP Homburg, from which one winning name will be drawn by a suitably glamorous assistant.

Good luck! E-mail your answer to us using this special link. The competition closed at 23:59 (GMT) on Saturday 21 August 2010, so keep a beady eye on this page later in the weekend.

Small print: the competition is promoted by Jens and Roland at BtP, and the prize is allotted at their sole discretion. They and their families are ineligible to enter.  

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