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The Procol Harum Project

5 August 2008 • Krøyers Have, Svendborg, Syddanmark, Denmark

Søren Borello piano / lead vocal;  Poul Achton drums / backing vocal; Gunnar Midtiby bass; Claus Nielsen guitar; Benny Tworek Hammond / keyboard



19 songs altogether: 5 From Procol Harum 2 from Shine on Brightly
2 from A Salty Dog 1 From Home 1 from Broken Barricades
3 from Grand Hotel 0 From Exotic Birds and Fruit 1 from Procol's Ninth
0 from Something Magic 0 From The Prodigal Stranger 2 from The Well's on Fire
2 Non-album tracks

The band was formed by Søren Borello after the experience of playing with the Palers' Band at Lejre in August 2006; they also played at Procol's 40th in 2007

At this evening's gig in Svendborg – an old town on Funen – Procol Harum Project played on their own instruments except for the drums which were shared with Deep Purple Jam. Due to different problems with equipment and sound, PHP was in the middle of the soundcheck when most of the audience – according to the the very kind and helpful organisers around 350 people – had appeared. The crowd was very relaxed and when PHP started playing, around thirty minutes late, they were in in good spirits.

The band grew better and better thoughout the evening: a shame that they had to cut out two songs from the second set (As Strong as Samson and Perpetual Motion) because of the time schedule. Thanks to Benny, Claus, Gunnar, Poul and Søren for a very nice evening.

Pictures and report by Thomas Raa Olsen ... thanks!


Claus on lead guitar


Søren – The Commodore, perhaps

Poul on drums



Gunnar on bass


Benny studious at his keyboards



Procol Harum Project on stage



The audience enjoying themselves



And (most of) this is what they are enjoying! The consecutive songs in identical keys is a
non-Procolian feature – but it's necessitated by the chronological nature of the programme


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