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Procol Harum's 40th Anniversary, 21 July 2007

Palers' Band photographs from Martin Awsop (1)

BtP presentsProcol Harum's 40th Birthday Celebrations 20 / 21 July 2007

Quiero hacer saber a quienes estuvieron y participaron del PH 40 Anniversary, que para mi fue una nueva gran experiencia, poder participar de este gran evento, por supuesto fue muy agradable volver a ver amigos que desde hacia tiempo no veia y que se acordaban de mi, y se entusiasmaban tanto como yo al volver a encontrarnos, gracias en especial a vosotros Roland y Jens por la organizacion, sin vosotros esto no hubiera sido posible, y por supuesto un saludo muy especial a todos los miembros de Procol Harum por continuar ofreciendonos su musica.

I'd like to let those who were present and took part in the 40th PH anniversary celebrations know that for me it was a great new experience, to be able to take part in this fine event. It was specially excellent to see again friends whom I haven't seen for a long time, and who felt the same way as me and were as keen as I was to meet again. Especial thanks to Roland and Jens for the organisation: without you this would not have been possible; and particularly a very special greeting to all the members of Procol Harum for continuing to offer us their music.

Your Own Choice: Poul Achton on drums, Peter Clare trumpet, and Bjørn Jensen bass

The muted trumpet plays Harry Pitch's great harmonica line from the end of
Your Own Choice

The Final Thrust: twin lead vocal from George Lovell and Al 'One-Eye' Edelist

Marvin Chassman on the drums, Palle Bas Christensen on the bass ... and backing vocalists

A bit of thrusting going on here from George

The whole ensemble, including Benny Tworek on the Hammond

Antonio, George, Alberto Gallarini on guitar, 'One-Eye'

Antonio Costa Barbé on piano

Palle Bas Christensen, five-string bass; Andrè Romkes, cabasa; Gary Shepard, enjoying himself in the background

Luskus Delph: Roland on synth pizzicato, Antonio singing

Peter on trumpet, Kari Romkes on the French horn

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